How to Fix Warning “Your Connection is Not Private” Error

How to Fix Warning “Your Connection is Not Private” Error

At some point, most of us have come across the error message “Your Connection is Not Private” while searching the internet and landing on unknown sites. And when you see it, you may feel a moment of panic.

Did you click on a spam link by mistake?

Has your personal data already been compromised by landing on the site?

But it’s even more concerning when you see the “Your Connection is Not Private” error on a website that you own. Your first thought is probably that your site has been hacked. Then you realize that your users are seeing the same error and will likely stop visiting your site because of it.

But what’s really causing the issue?

Let’s take a look.

What Is the “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error Message?

First, understand that there’s no reason to panic if this error appears on a site you’re browsing, or on your own WordPress site. All it means is that Chrome, or a different browser you’re using, is trying to prevent you from visiting a site that they’ve deemed to be unreliable.

This common error most likely occurred because your web browser noticed an issue while attempting to create a secure SSL connection. Or it was unable to verify the SSL certificate.

For one example, it could be happening because the certificate’s authority is illegitimate. When that happens, you’ll see this message:


Valid SSL certificates allow sites to run on HTTPS, which is the secure version of HTTP. And sites with SSL connections that are problematic aren’t deemed as reliable, because they are open to all kinds of security issues.

For example, a site with an invalid SSL certificate will make it a lot simpler for hackers with malicious intent to steal data. When personal info such as payment details or login credentials are entered into an unsecured site, they could be wide open and visible to these hackers.

But there are times when the issue of the “Your Connection is Not Private” error doesn’t stem from the site’s SSL certificate. It may be happening because of an issue on the site user’s end, such as their:

  • Operating system
  • WiFi network
  • Browser

Many people have encountered this problem while connected to unsecured public WiFi, or even because they have an incorrect time and date on their workstation. It can even happen if the user’s antivirus software is currently in the middle of an SSL/HTTPS scan.

If the issue is at the user’s end, then the error is a very easy fix. More on that later.

What Does “Your Connection is Not Private” Look Like on Different Web Browsers?

A similar error message to the “Your Connection



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