How Web Creators Can Prepare for the Coronavirus Threat –

How Web Creators Can Prepare for the Coronavirus Threat - Elementor

Though it might be regarded as exploiting the situation, web creators should consider exploring business opportunities that surface in light of corona.

Here are several ideas for businesses that may thrive that you can explore. All ideas came from members of the Elementor community.

Victoria Judge writes: I’ve had a boost in sales as people who normally sell in-person services realize they need an online backup.

In case you don’t already have a list of contacts and past clients, you can actively seek out businesses that you expect will need to make the switch to online.

Irfan Amir writes: it will be good time to work on personal projects

If you keep your ongoing cost at a minimum, you can take advantage of the quiet time to work on your personal projects. Create a side-hustle, dabble in affiliate marketing, try to explore passive income. Although these projects take time to gain momentum, this might be the opportunity to get the ball rolling.

Mark Conger writes: this opens a huge business opportunity – helping people get online and establishing work-from-home protocols because most do not have a clue.

Everyone, even employees, are now concerned about their future and about a general recession. What Mark points out is true, many will need help figuring out how to set up their work-from-home based businesses.

Kim Bourne Ribbans writes: It sort of sucks, and sort of doesn’t… One of my clients (also a friend) started her high grade commercial cleaning business last year. She jumped on getting CDC/EPA Approved virucide and electrostatic equipment and has been swamped with enquiries and new contracts. So I’ve been doing new web pages and posts and social stuff like crazy.

Nomis Parfitt writes: I’m currently building a website for someone starting a hand sanitizer business ?

I agree with both comments. Anything related to health/germs/cleanliness will be in demand right now.

Lorelei Garnes Sell writes: Ecommerce and sell that value!!!! Don’t need a storefront right? This will push some to the digital era they’ve been missing out on…

Even though the talk is about online food and health related products, everything online may be on the increase. As people don’t want to exit their homes, shopping for clothes, electronics and other goods might also rise. Since some restrictions might be set for shipping, working on Ecommerce for local stores might also be beneficial.

Brian McCracken writes: We do a lot of “Institutions” and Local Government projects, so this has been a great time for us. As most of these agencies have shut down for a few weeks, they are now focusing on their websites, so we are doing a lot of phone meetings and getting a lot of billable hours in for changes and adjustments. 

Most government agencies were caught off guard by the Coronavirus. Targeting them as potential prospects might be a good idea.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Cora Kearney suggests building a membership website.
  • Francesco Sommaruga mentioned a Netflix-like service for a yoga business he recently created.

Finding ways to translate a business into an online activity is a great way to help businesses during times of confinement.

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