Website Color Statistics: What’s the Best Color for Websites?

Website Color Statistics: What’s the Best Color for Websites?

Color is one of the most important visual components of website design. It can affect everything from your conversion rate to the way visitors perceive your brand.

It goes without saying, then, that you’ve got to get your website color scheme right. But which colors should you use? And how can you use them effectively?

In this roundup of website color statistics, we’ll be sharing some eye-opening data that can help to answer those questions.

The stats below will shed more light on just how important color is, reveal how different consumer segments respond to different website colors, and more. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

Website color statistics (top picks):

  • Blue is the preferred website color for 46% of consumers…
  • … It’s also 42% of people’s favorite color, making it the most popular color in the world.
  • Green was the second most popular website color (30%) and the world’s second favorite color overall (14%)
  • Yellow is the worst website color according to 23% of consumers
  • 26% of people prefer websites that use primary color schemes
  • Red website buttons outperformed green website buttons by 21% in one study (but this isn’t necessarily always the case)
  • 39% of people say color is the most important visual element on websites
  • Color can boost brand recognition by up to 80%
  • Black is the most commonly used logo color by the world’s leading brands
  • The human eye can perceive 10 million colors

What is the best color for a website?

There’s no objective consensus on what the best color for a website is as it all depends on the nature of your brand and target market. However, blue and green seem to be safe choices as they’re the colors most customers prefer to see on websites.

In general, consumers also seem to prefer cooler colors over warmer colors.

What colors do website visitors prefer?

46% of consumers prefer when businesses use blue on their websites, making it the top color preference amongst website visitors.

As we’ll see later, this preference tallies with general color preferences across the world.

And it’s probably something to do with the way we perceive the color blue. It’s often seen as a non-threatening color that’s calming, secure, and professional—three traits that brand websites often strive to be. But we’ll talk more about these color associations later.

Green was the second most preferred website color, with



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