Weebly vs WordPress: Which Is Best for Building a Site in ?

Weebly vs WordPress: Which Is Best for Building a Site in 2022?

From there, the settings for each plugin are integrated into your dashboard. This can make things unwieldy if you have a high number of plugins with settings screens. Even so, it’s rare that you’ll lose your way at the back end of your site. We think the flexibility and power you have is worth a few seconds of extra navigation.

Weebly vs WordPress: the cost

Comparing the cost 💵 of Weebly vs WordPress is straightforward in some areas, and complex in others. For example, because Weebly is a website builder platform, there’s a simple pricing model:

  • Free ($0) This is more like a demo or trial than a viable plan. In fact, other than a free SSL certificate and 500MB of storage, there’s little else. You’ll even need to use Weebly branding for your site’s domain, which won’t be viable for most cases.
  • Connect ($6/month) There’s little difference between the Free and Connect plans. For your money, you get to connect a custom domain to your site and forgo the Weebly branding. Still, it’s not a viable option for lots of business-type websites.
  • Pro ($12/month) This plan gives you access to a shopping cart, and removes Weebly ads from your site. You can also accept payments using Square or other third-party providers. We’d still say it is under equipped to handle most ecommerce applications, though.
  • Business ($26/month) You get the full Weebly experience here. This includes item badges and options, gift card functionality, the ability to offer discount codes, shipping calculators and labeling, and advanced statistics. It’s the plan we’d recommend for all serious websites.

However, you can’t compare this to WordPress in a simple way. For starters, the self-hosted version of WordPress is free and always will be. In order to use it though, you have to consider hosting, your domain name, and any premium purchase you make, such as theme and plugins.

This could be as little as $70 for a functioning WordPress site built on cheap WordPress hosting from a provider such as Bluehost, but most people will pay a bit more than that when all is said and done.

👉 For a more detailed look, our sister site Themeisle has a breakdown of how much a WordPress website cost.

While it does sometimes come out as more expensive per year if you compare to Weebly, WordPress gives you more value. You have greater flexibility, choice, design options, and much more.

Weebly vs WordPress: which one you should choose for your website

In most cases, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions 🤔 before you decide between Weebly vs WordPress:

  • Do you care about day-to-day site maintenance? By this, we mean, working within your hosting account, search engine optimization (SEO) concerns, theme and plugin updates, and more.
  • Does the thought of finding a hosting provider, a domain registrar, and third-party themes and plugins



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