WIN a Share Of $10K This #HostingMonth!

WIN a Share Of $10K This #HostingMonth!

Call us crazy, because we’re giving away $10,000 worth of WPMU DEV credit this April – ALL in the name of hosting.

That’s right, we’re officially labeling April #HostingMonth here at WPMU DEV, and to celebrate we’re giving away a cool $10K!

But before we get to that…

We know things REALLY suck big time in the world right now, but we decided the best thing we can do for our community and members, is to continue to do what we do best:

Drop some good ol’ WordPress knowledge, and introduce you to some kick-ass tools.

Hopefully putting a smile on a few faces while we do so. So we hope you embrace this promotion in the spirit it was originally intended, and let’s have a bit of fun!

It All Started Earlier This Year…

February 4th, at 3.41pm to be exact. It was at this time the blog team received an out of the blue message from CEO James on Slack.

In a nutshell, he wanted us to come up with a way to make the “techier” side of WordPress hosting more accessible to our audience, and the wider WP community.

The idea being to better educate people about the technical aspects of hosting – so they could take advantage of different hosting tools and the benefits they provide.

We also wanted a fun and light-hearted way to make more people aware of our new managed hosting service, which we released September last year.

And So #HostingMonth Was Born!

An entire month of hosting related articles published on the blog – as well as some fun competitions and giveaways on the side.

And well… since you’re reading this post I can officially confirm #HostingMonth has come to fruition!

Here’s How it’s Gonna Work…

As already mentioned, throughout the month we’ll be publishing a range of blog posts (3 per week) around the topic of hosting.

Here’s a peak at some of the topics you can look forward to:

“Achieving The Lowest TTFB in WordPress Doesn’t Have To Byte”

“What The Heck is IPV6 and Why Should You Care?”

“WAF: The Site Security Guard You Never Knew You Needed”

“The Complete Guide To Local Development”

“Why Keeping Your PHP Up To Date is So Important”

“Types Of Hosting Compared: Which is Right For You?”

More to come!

*You’ll be able to view each post once they go live.

While all of this is happening, we’ll also be posting plenty of hosting related content on our social media channels – as well as running a few epic giveaways.

Speaking of those EPIC giveaways!

Here’s WHAT you could possibly win this #HostingMonth and HOW to get yourself in the draw:

3 Easy Ways To Win a Share Of $10K WPMU DEV Credit This Month

Dev Man will be your host this #HostingMonth.

1.Subscribe To Our Blog (5 Chances To Win!)

EVERYONE who subscribes to our blog this month has a chance to win one of five prizes of $1,000 WPMU DEV credit.

You can subscribe by entering your email address into the form below, and you’ll find a blog subscription form at the end of all our articles.

Already subscribed? Just enter your existing email. This will set off an alert (telling us you’re already subscribed) for our email tech wizards, who’ll then ensure you’re included in the draw.

*Five winners from the blog email list will be drawn at random on 04/30/20.

Winners will be notified via email, and if you’re already a member, someone from our sales team will add the $1,000 WPMU DEV credit straight to your account.

If you’re not currently a member… we’ll email you instructions on how to create a new WPMU DEV account, and start a free trial. Once you’re all set up, you’ll receive your credit.

WIN a Share of $5K
This #HostingMonth!

Subscribe to our blog this #hostingmonth for a chance to
win one of 5 prizes of $1,000 WPMU Dev credit! Learn

2.Enter Our Weekly Instagram and Facebook Caption Contests (4 Chances To Win!)

*Starting Next Week

Every week we’ll also be running a “caption contest” on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The competition is as simple (and fun!) as it sounds… we post a selected picture… you give it a creative and/or hilarious caption.

We then pick our favorite at the end of the week, and if yours is the lucky choice, you walk home with an easy $1,000 credited to your WPMU DEV account.

We’ll be announcing a $1K winner every Friday (starting Friday the 10th) until the month comes to a close. Winners also expect a WPMU DEV team member to slide into your DM’s to ensure the $1,000 is credited to your account ASAP.

As mentioned, if you’re not yet a member we’ll guide you through the process.

*Note: Our giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Facebook or Instagram. 

3.Retweet Any #HostingMonth Post On Twitter (4 Chances To Win!)

*Starting Next Week

Finally, if you follow us on Twitter over the course of the month, we’ll also be giving away four $250 WPMU DEV credit prizes.

Simply retweet any Twitter post of ours that contains the hashtag “#HostingMonth”. The more posts you retweet, the more chances you have… Simple as that!

As with our FB and Instagram giveaway, winners will be announced every Friday, and can expect a DM, and to receive their credit ASAP.

#HostingMonth Bonus: Unlock an Extended 3 Month Free Trial!

On top of our insane $10K giveaway and all the fun we’re having on social…

We’re also giving away 3 month FREE WPMU DEV trials (extended from 7 days) to all new members who sign on with us during Hosting Month.

That way, after diving into our fantastic posts on hosting this month, you can also give our managed hosting a 3 month test run – for free!

You can unlock this special offer by clicking this coupon link. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be taken to our membership sign up form (see below).

a preview image of how our discount coupon works

At the top of the form you’ll then see a message saying you’ve unlocked your 3 month free trial.

You’ll also find coupon links in all of our #HostingMonth posts, so if you’re not quite ready to take the leap, you have a good month to think about it!

Unfortunately, this is only available to new members (gotta pay the bills somehow!) but if you are an existing member and refer just 3 people who eventually become members, you can get 3 months free yourself (12 months free for 10 referrals, or a lifetime for 25!)

Plus when recommending WPMU DEV you can use the 3 month free trial and this giveaway as bait!!! Mwahahahah.

By The Way, a WPMU DEV Membership Gives You So Much More Than Just Our Hosting…

Mindful Dev Man holds the hosting in his handThe value you get with a WPMU DEV membership will have you floating on cloud 9.

You can also expect:

  • $30 bonus hosting credit per month for the LIFETIME of your membership (automatically gives you 3 bronze level sites for free!) Locked in forever, even when there’s a price increase or change of plan!!!
  • Instant access to our entire lineup of award winning premium WordPress plugins.
  • 24/7 dedicated, highly rated support from our superhero crew.
  • A free look at the brand new Hub 2.0 Beta (our WP site management tool).


Well, that’s about all the craziness we can fit into one campaign…

Let’s wrap this thing up with some questions y’all will probably have about this madness.

#HostingMonth Q&A

What Can $1K WPMU Dev Credit Actually Buy Me?

Many things my friend… here are a few examples:

  • Free membership months – For example, a WPMU DEV membership is currently $49 per month, so if you do the math, that $1K credit (plus the initial free 3 months) earns you a FREE membership for almost 2 years!
  • Hosting credit – With the $1K you could potentially host one gold level site ($50 per month, the second highest plan we offer) FREE for over a year and a half!
  • Your WPMU DEV credit can also go toward add-ons like extra CDN bandwidth and Snapshot (our backup plugin) storage.

What if I Despise Hosting? Should I Avoid The Blog This Month?

Probably a good idea…

No, but in all seriousness, we’ve been working hard on making these posts as entertaining and informative as possible.

And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of non-hosting content for you to enjoy throughout the month. 🙂

WIN a Share of $5K
This #HostingMonth!

Subscribe to our blog this #hostingmonth for a chance to
win one of 5 prizes of $1,000 WPMU Dev credit! Learn

Keep reading the article at WPMU DEV Blog. The article was originally written by Rick Crawshaw on 2020-04-02 02:49:45.

The article was hand-picked and curated for you by the Editorial Team of WP Archives.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the product, We may receive an affiliate commission.

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