WooCommerce Bookings Management Through IndustryStandard Plugins

WooCommerce Bookings Management Through Industry-Standard Plugins

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Does your business model require you to set up frequent bookings and appointments? Do you handle your business through a WooCommerce store?

A common use case is when you offer services or products on your WooCommerce store and want to allow customers to book directly. In this and several similar cases (think, doctor, dentist, hairdresser, spa, massage therapist, lawyer, plumber, electrician, personal coach, trainer, psychiatrist, etc.) a WooCommerce bookings plugin is all you need!

WooCommerce bookings not only allow you to put calendars online, pay or make a direct deposit with PayPal but also allow you to sync with other services like Google Calendar.

In this article, I will present WooCommerce booking plugins that you could deploy at your WooCommerce store and greatly simplify the process of booking slots for services, product demos, etc for your product or services.

So, let’s begin.

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugins

At the moment, there are several WooCommerce booking plugins in the market; some are free while others are paid. As with all plugins, the free ones might not provide the full range of the features that paid plugins could deliver. I recommend you go through the following listings and select a plugin that best fits your business model.

1. WooCommerce Bookings – Bookings & Reservations WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Bookings - Bookings & Reservations WordPress Plugin

Image Source: WooCommerce.com

This paid plugin by WooCommerce allows your customers to book reservations, appointments without any hassle. The greatest strength of the plugin is the accuracy in the appointment setting that can go down to days, hours, even minutes. As such this is the most flexible plugin on the market today.


  • Easy to use and flexible for all use cases
  • Show availability in the customer’s time zone
  • Reminds the clients of their booking via emails
  • Calendar view to see the day or the month in a view
  • Avoid double-booking clashes

2. WooCommerce Easy Booking Plugin

WooCommerce Bookings Management Through Industry-Standard Plugins 1



This article was written by Saud Razzak and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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