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WooCommerce Product Labels

When running a webshop (or any shop for that matter), there’s a lot of things you need to consider if you aim to be successful – a lot of “moving parts,” as they say. When starting out, you also need to choose a hosting provider that will be perfect for you, according to your need and your budget. One thing that sets WPMU DEV’s hosting platform apart, is that as well as having all the hosting features you’d expect – it also comes built-in with 7 PRO WP plugins – covering performance, security, backups, and more. Get 20% off any of their plans here.

In addition, the “moving parts” would most accurately describe your products. They’re always coming and going, on sale and out of stock; in season or last year’s news; and every other of a myriad of different “statuses” they can be at any point.

Naturally, the more products you have, the harder it is to make sense of all that chaos and structure it in a way your customers will find pleasing (encouraging them to buy), and you won’t lose your mind on the backend sorting. To help out with this problem, you’ll need to use labels and lots of them.

Anyone who’s ever dealt with an inventory that surpasses 50 or so items will need extensive categorization for every attribute associated with a specific product. For example, you have a surplus of winter boots on stock, and it’s already the end of December – you’ll label the whole category as “on-sale,” trying to maximize the winter season.

Adding the label(s) instantly organizes your backend, where your boots are added to the list of other discounted items. Your customers are prompted that the boots are selling at a discount, making them that much more attractive to buyers. Using WordPress, along with WooCommerce, you’ll be able to access some rudimentary labeling options.

However, considering that both platforms’ most significant strength is their open-source nature made for upgrading, why not use a plugin that enhances those options exponentially. The WooCommerce Product Labels plugin offers numerous advanced features combined with a high level of control, making it the perfect tool for all your labeling needs.

School’s in Session

Although most are not near the top of priorities when stacked against the various configurations, features and options are present; the dedicated video tutorial section is the first thing that caught our eye. It’s such a great idea to include something like this within the plugin (as opposed to a YouTube link at best) that we’re stumped why more developers don’t do it.

Many plugins put their user-friendly interface at the forefront of their marketing. Hoping to attract the newcomers (an ever-growing market) to drop pages upon pages of documentation into your lap and leave you with a bewildered look on your face, not much else.

On the other hand, this plugin offers you a quick 3–4-minute video tutorial with captions, where you don’t even have to leave the page. They will



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