WordCamp Montclair : That’s a wrap!

WordCamp Montclair 2022: That's a wrap!

Last week, Cloudways attended the first WordCamp in the United States in over three years. The community was ready, the energy was high, and the excitement was infectious. Montclair State University is an excellent location, easily accessible to all, and with a breathtaking view of the gorgeous NYC skyline.

WordCamp Montclair 2022: That's a wrap! 1


Pre-gaming at WordCamp Montclair

Cloudways got the hype started even before the main event with a pre-pre meet-up at a rooftop bar the night before. With great views of NYC and Montclair, Cloudways connected with speakers and sponsors.

WordCamp Montclair 2022: That's a wrap! 2

Photo Courtesy of Sandy Edwards

The morning of the event, Cloudways participated in a pre-event coffee meet-up courtesy of Big Orange Heart with Michelle Frechette, the President of Big Orange Heart, and a number of early risers.

WordCamp Montclair 2022: That's a wrap! 3

Reconnecting with the WordPress Community

WordCamp Montclair was our chance to reconnect in person with the WordPress community.

As soon as we set up our table, we had a bewildering moment, why did our neighbor have a table full of hot sauce? Should have known better! We’re no strangers to hot sauce – if you visited our WordCamp EU booth, you found some of the hottest sauces in the world. After some digging, we found they were Penske Media, a NYC / LA-based marketing agency, and they love hot sauce too!

There were also some shenanigans between sponsors, but you’ll have to visit us at a future WordCamp to hear those stories. Just be on the lookout for #SponsorPranks.




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