WordPress 5.4 Is Out Now

WordPress 5.4 Is Out Now • WPShout

WordPress 5.4, “Adderley,” launched yesterday, March 31, 2020. It’s a very Gutenberg-focused release, with two new default blocks—Buttons and Social Icons—plus a lot of other improvements to the block editor.

There are also some non-Gutenberg changes, including one that made me smile: apply_shortcodes() is now an alias for do_shortcode(). Hey, an effort toward naming consistency! Should apply_actions() be next? (That’s not currently a thing, right?)

Overall, it’s nice to see the WordPress Core team continuing to be all-in on developing Gutenberg, and to see that project slowly get more performant and feature-rich. Gutenberg certainly wasn’t perfect at launch, but it’s nice to have something in Core to invest in, polish, and develop over the months and years. The only alternative—hoping that the proliferation of third-party solutions will nail WordPress content creation for enough people—has significant downsides. The big question to me remains when, if ever, someone (probably not the Core team) will find a smoothly-working way to put Gutenberg on the front-end, which is where normal users want to be working.

Read all about WordPress 5.4 in the linked announcement.

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