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WordPress Database Clean-up – How to Go about It? - WPArena

Operating a WordPress website comprises of multiple tasks! One of the most crucial and overlooked tasks is database maintenance. Most people think that the MySQL database is an essential aspect of WordPress install and conveniently forget about the same. It is necessary to manage the database systems in WordPress. There needs to be daily clean-ups and optimizations. It helps to maximize the website speed and helps in reducing the bounce rate. Just a delay in the loading time by a few seconds can maximize the bounce rate.

There are several initiatives that people can execute, such as resorting to a CDN, installing caching plug-ins, and compressing the images. It helps to manage your business correctly. 

The elements inside a WordPress database

Are you new to WordPress? If yes, then all that you think, like a website, is only a small part of it. All that is present in WordPress and browser backend is simply a gateway. And that’s where the site core resides. WordPress comprises of the media files, styling, and all that makes the website appear aesthetically pleasing to the visitors. Even the content in a raw form, i.e., the posts, comments, pages, and other aspects, is present inside the database. To know more about the same, you can check out RemoteDBA. 

Presently, a WordPress database comprises of 11 tables. Have you installed any new plug-ins? If yes, then the database might have more tables. Some of the WordPress core table examples are:

  • wp_comments, that has all the website comments.
  • wp_users, it has the user list who have registered on the site.
  • wp_optionscomprise of the option set inside the admin settings.
  • wp_postsconsist of the navigation menu, pages, and posts.

Why does a WordPress database require cleaning?

Has your WordPress website been active and online for some time? If yes, then the chances are that the database has gathered ample data. The spam comments, drafts, post revisions as well as information from the uninstalled plug-ins maximizes its sizes fast. A vast database can impact the website loading speed. The bigger the database, the more time the server needs to locate and draw in data from it, which isn’t great for website performance.

Additionally, when you have a vast database, then the backup process takes time. Also, several hosting plans today provide only a restricted web space. Hence, if you want to occupy a reasonable database space, you need to pay a particular cost for it. Do you want to reduce the website loading time? If yes, then you need to work on keeping the site neat and trim. You should also not let it increase disproportionately. And for this, it is essential to conduct a daily database clean-up.

What does a WordPress database clean-up process comprise of?

Simply put, a WordPress database clean-up and optimization



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