Use a WordPress Page Generator to Create Multiple Pages in Bulk

Use a WordPress Page Generator to Create Multiple Pages in Bulk

? In this post, we’re going to look at this WordPress page generator plugin, and show you how it works. First, let’s run over what the Multiple Pages Generator plugin can do.

What the Multiple Pages Generator does

For the unaware, Multiple Pages Generator does what it says: it’s a WordPress page generator plugin that you use directly from the dashboard.

Within minutes, you can generate an almost unlimited number of pages, posts, and custom post types to help your SEO efforts. There are lots of features under the hood of Multiple Pages Generator to note:

  • There’s a wizard that lets you create pages based on location, industry, keywords, and more. This lets you choose the focus of what you create.
  • You also get to control the design of those pages, just as you would with your typical site content.
  • You’ll be able to import keywords from multiple locations to kick-start the WordPress page generation process. For example, you can select a CSV, XLS, Google Sheets, or even an Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) file.

This isn’t all, and we’ll discuss some other features throughout the rest of the article. What’s more, you get the full feature set of the Multiple Pages Generator plugin regardless of the pricing tier you select. The only difference is your level of support and how many sites you can use the plugin on.

Next, we’ll go into how you can use this WordPress page generator plugin.

Ways a WordPress page generator plugin can help your SEO

In the following section, we’ll talk about a few different ways the Multiple Pages Generator plugin can help you in. However, we’ll start with a quick showcase of its basic functionality, then move onto the more in-depth methods.

  1. Simple multiple page generation for a new site
  2. Generate product pages from your current inventory
  3. The ability to create location-specific landing pages for internationalization
  4. Populate your site with internal links
  5. Use Spintax to create a local SEO strategy

1. Simple multiple page generation for a new site

Before we get into more advanced use cases, let’s show you how simple it is to generate pages using Multiple Pages Generator. While we have a full tutorial on the Themeisle blog, we can run through the steps here too.

First, you’ll choose a template from the MPGCreate New + screen:

Once the plugin generates a dataset, you’ll see the Project builder screen. While you can edit any of the fields here – and there is a lot of customization – the Entity Type drop-down menu lets you choose whether you generate posts, pages, or another custom type:



This article was written by Tom Rankin and originally published on CodeinWP.

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