5 Must See WordPress Plugin for Varnish

5 Must See WordPress Plugin for Varnish

Varnish Cache is a reverse proxy and HTTP accelerator that can speed up requests and make your site more responsive. It works by caching both GET and POST requests and revalidating with the backend when cache expires. It also handles load balancing across multiple servers. Thanks to these Varnish WordPress plugins, you will be able to better manage it:

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Varnish/NGINX Proxy Caching: this plugin supports an unlimited number of Varnish cache servers. It lets you customize catch TTL for each page. It uses custom headers and won’t interfere with other caching solutions.

5 Must See WordPress Plugin for Varnish 1

Purge Varnish Cache: as the name suggests, this plugin sends a purge request to the URL of a post or page that has been updated. It lets you choose which URLs should be expired when post action is triggered, including frontpage and category pages.

5 Must See WordPress Plugin for Varnish 2

Proxy Cache Purge: another plugin that sends a purge request when a post or page is modified to make sure your visitors see the most up-to-date version. It deletes your entire cache when you change themes or press the empty cache button.

5 Must See WordPress Plugin for Varnish 3

WP Fastest Cache: a complete caching plugin that makes your site run faster. It can generate static HTML files for your site. It also supports GZIP compression. The premium version can convert your files to WebP and defer JavaScript. This plugin has Varnish cache integration.

5 Must See WordPress Plugin for Varnish 4

Powered Cache: a caching and optimization plugin for WordPress. You can import & export settings with a click. It supports page and object caching. The premium version supports Varnish cache purge. It will support Cloudflare too.

Stay tuned as we will cover more Varnish plugins here in the future.

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