5 WordPress Plugins for Running PHP Code On Your Site

5 WordPress Plugins for Running PHP Code On Your Site

WordPress already comes with everything you need to bring your website online. You can always add new functionality to your site through its functions file or custom plugins. These 5 plugins also let you run PHP code snippets to add features to your site:

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Code Snippets: a simple plugin that lets you run PHP code snippets on your website. It is useful for those of you who don’t want to add more functions to your theme’s files.

CSS & JavaScript Toolbox: a handy plugin that lets you add and manage CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and PHP code and run them as code blocks. Lets you embed scripts from GitHub too.

Insert PHP Code Snippet: a simple plugin for creating shortcodes for random code snippets and use them in your posts, pages, and widgets.

Woody Ad Snippets: lets you insert ad snippets and code all over your page. It serves as a header and footer code manager and lets you use shortcodes to put code snippets anywhere on your site. It can manage an unlimited number of blocks.

Head, Footer and Post Injections: a versatile plugin that lets you insert code in the header and footer of your side as well as inside your posts and AMP pages. It can recognize and execute conditional PHP code.

Have you found better WordPress plugins for running PHP code on your pages? Please share them here.

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