How to Work through Anxiety and Stay the Course

How to Work through Anxiety and Stay the Course

Anxiety is disruptive to many facets of everyday life. Whether you’re a freelance entrepreneur, an employee, or even a stay-at-home parent, anxiety can all-too-easily derail your daily activities. Knowing how to work through anxiety and stay the course is essential to success in all areas of your business and your life.

According to data from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect 18.1% of Americans. But even individuals who haven’t been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder experience it from time to time–especially during seasons of uncertainty.

If you struggle to stay focused at work due to anxiety, here are a few easy things you can do to take control and stay the course.

Acknowledge how you’re feeling right now

The first step to taking care of anxiety is acknowledging how you feel in the moment. Take a few minutes to observe the sensations in your body and the thoughts you’re having. Some people notice a racing heartbeat or tightness in their chest, among other signs and symptoms.

Often, anxiety causes our thoughts to spin out of control. If you can recognize your anxious thought patterns before they take over, it’s much easier to switch your logic-brain back on.

Once you’ve pinpointed what’s happening in your mind and your body, you’ll be able to take action to start feeling better.


When I’m feeling anxious, it’s infuriating for someone to tell me to breathe. But, taking a few minutes to focus on breathing almost always helps me to determine how to work through anxiety in that moment. Practicing breathing exercises can calm your body and mind, and help you increase mindfulness when the world feels chaotic.

Give yourself some time to process how you feel

When it comes to how to work through anxiety, sometimes it’s helpful to take a few minutes to process your feelings. Consider setting an alarm for five or ten minutes, and set your work aside. Then, let yourself think about your worries until the time is up.

While you’re processing, you can ask yourself questions about what you’re feeling. What are the facts? Are you relying on logic or emotion to draw conclusions? What are the possible solutions?

Break out the journal

Journaling is an effective method for processing your thoughts and untangling your emotions. During your break, grab your journal (or login if you use a digital one) and free-write about how you’re feeling. Web-based journals like Penzu and Journey or journaling apps like Day One and Daylio are all great digital options.

Your journal is a safe place to brain-dump and overthink. Sometimes, when we see our thoughts on the page, it becomes easier to assess them objectively. In other words, we can literally separate our thoughts from our emotions when we write them out.

Focus on what you know you can control

If you need help determining how to work through anxiety, focus on the things you know you can control. Anxiety



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