How to Write a Website Redesign Proposal to Impress Clients

How to Write a Website Redesign Proposal to Impress Clients

Organizations will invite agencies to respond with a bid on their website redesign or development project when they send out a request for proposal (RFP). And then it selects the agency with the best proposal to do the job for them.

This means you must out-compete other agencies to win a website redesign project. And for that, you have to know all the strategies, tips, and efforts that go into writing a winning website redesign proposal.

That’s what you’ll learn in this piece.

But before that, let’s first understand what website redesign entails and what a website redesign RFP is.

What is a Website Redesign?

Website redesign refers to the process of changing your site, from modernizing layouts and optimizing navigation, to updating content for increased conversions and site performance.

Redesigns aim to increase website performance. Finalizing a color scheme, typefaces, logo, design elements, button colors, and button placement: are just a few of the design facets of the process.

From a coding perspective, the essentials would be reviewing and updating the content management system, for instance.

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What is a Website Redesign RFP?

A website redesign RFP or “request for proposal” is a document that instructs prospective agencies on what details to include in their website redesign proposal.

As a web design agency, ensure you send a clear website redesign proposal in response to an RFP.

A quality website redesign RFP will include the following:

  • Company background and introduction
  • Budget
  • Important deadlines and timeline
  • Challenges identified with the existing website design
  • Goals with the website redesign project
  • Target audience and how the sales funnel or buyer journey works for the business
  • Desired website requirements (areas of the website that need more work)
  • Website examples for reference
  • Team’s preferred method of collaboration and communication, and team members involved from the company’s end
  • Submission instructions that include the details that all proposals should include and how they should send the proposal (where and to who)

What is the Purpose of a Website Redesign Proposal?

Say your agency has received an RFP through your agency listing on, through agency partnership directories, or a Google search result page. You are not the only agency to have received that same RFP.

You really have to stand out with your website redesign proposal!

This is how you persuade prospective



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