How 2h Media Became an AwardWinning Digital Marketing Agency

How 2h Media Became an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency

With the goal of bringing innovation and transparency to the digital marketing space, Matthew Herchel, and Ben Hohner founded 2h Media, an award-winning digital marketing agency, in Guelph, Ontario in 2017.

In early 2020, there was a change in leadership where Aron Murch joined in the designation of Ben Hohner, who was to take a position at Mozilla. Since then, the team has expanded, as well as its service offerings. 2h Media also takes pride in supporting local small businesses in Guelph, Waterloo, and Kitchener, as well as enterprise-level companies across North America.

With an agile and iterative approach, 2h Media drives long-term growth and stability by breaking larger projects down into manageable sprints. Their focus is on transparency and consistency – values that have earned them much praise. They also say that by introducing business owners to standardized processes, they are able to answer questions sooner, complete projects faster, and produce results that encourage long-term relationships with their clients.

The Agency’s Focus

2h Media helps established non-profit organizations, for-profit accelerators, and government-funded programs integrate streamlined websites and create achievable short-term goals. This is the niche they are proud to focus on, and thus continuously evolve and streamline their systems to capture key metrics.

The digital marketing agency assists organizations to not only successfully reach and convert a wider audience, but also showcase their results to satisfy potential donors, investors, and funders.

Their success comes from their drive to empower as many businesses and individuals as possible. As a growing digital marketing agency, they also remain focused on maintaining their service offerings, while supporting as wide a range of businesses as possible.


2h Media’s Biggest Challenges and Achievements

This digital agency’s biggest challenge was creating an actionable game plan to achieve scalability and sustainability, keeping in mind that there was no recurring revenue model inherent to their business.

Sometimes, some projects can be challenging for 2h Media. For them, it’s mostly when ”a business owner or manager’s goals don’t align with those of their customers. This could come in the form of a business owner who doesn’t believe in their brand but wants it to mean something to someone else or it could mean that they don’t value user interface and user experience upgrades.

How do they address the challenge?

To avoid becoming trapped in the weeds, they chose to dedicate 1 day per week strictly to business development. During this dedicated time, they reflect



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