How To Fix ‘413 Request Entity Too Large’ WordPress Error

How To Fix ‘413 Request Entity Too Large’ WordPress Error

Did you come across the annoying ‘413 Request Entity Too Large’ error while trying upload a theme or a plugin file using your WordPress dashboard? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This error is quite common among WordPress users who use affordable shared hosting plans to host their website. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix this issue by yourself using a few different methods.

What Is ‘413 Request Entity Too Large’ Error?

The ‘413 Request Entity Too Large’ error usually occurs in WordPress when you’re trying to upload files such as themes and plugin with larger sizes than the maximum upload size limits set for WordPress.

To avoid excessive usage, your web hosting provider sets limits on the sizes of files you can upload and the time your website is allowed to execute PHP scripts. Errors like  ‘413 Request Entity Too Large’ occurs when you try to upload files or execute scripts beyond these default limits.

While these limits are set for your own good, it can often get in the way of your website development. In such cases, you can take matters to your own hands and fix it.

How To Fix It

You can fix this error by simply increasing the max upload size limits set for WordPress. Or, you can avoid the error altogether by using an FTP client app to upload larger files.

We’ll show you how these solutions work.

Method 1: Use An FTP Client App

WordPress is a software that comes with certain limitations. After all, it’s only a content management system. You need to use more advanced tools for performing heavy tasks like uploading big files.

An FTP client app is the perfect tool you can use for uploading larger files into your website and server. FileZilla and WinSCP are both great free FTP apps you can use to access your server.


Download and install the software on your computer. Then use the FTP app to login to your server using the root access username and password given to you by your web hosting provider.

To upload themes and plugins, navigate to the WP-Content folder using your FTP app and simply drag and drop the files directly into the Themes or Plugins folder.

This way, you won’t be limited by any upload size limits.

Method 2: Use CPanel PHP INI Editor

Of course, using an FTP client won’t



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