A Review of GenerateBlocks: Extending WordPress with Blocks

A Review of GenerateBlocks: Extending WordPress with Blocks

Written by

AJ Morris

March 10, 2020

Last Updated On March 10, 2020

Today, I want to review GenerateBlocks, a plugin that is still in Alpha. GenerateBlocks has the idea of creating powerful WordPress blocks, without all the bloat. What that means is that it’s a small collection of lightweight WordPress blocks that can be used to accomplish nearly anything.

What is GenerateBlocks?

GenerateBlocks is created by the folks that own and run a GeneratePress.com. GeneratePress is a free and premium WordPress theme developed by Tom Usborne. What I love most about this team is that it’s designed and developed with speed and performance in mind. Depending on the site (and client) I have found myself torn between using GeneratePress and WP Astra. Both seen feature speed and performance enhancements throughout their codebase while still allowing the freedom to create any type of design you want. 

Let’s Look at the Blocks

The main idea behind GenerateBlocks is that there are four simple blocks that you need to create any type of layout you want, from the simplest of layouts to the most complex. The four blocks are container, grid, headline, and buttons.

Container Block

Example of the container block

The way that GeneratePress works is that everything starts out inside of a container. The container is really the way that you begin to organize your content into rows and sections. It essentially is the backbone of all the blocks that GenerateBlocks offers, and it gives you full control over the look of your website.

Grid Block



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