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How To Create Online Store with PrestaShop? - Colorlib

Website building became much more than launching an online project. Nowadays, it’s a real chance to develop your business whatever it is about. Thanks to the properly designed site you can double your audience, find sponsors, and enter the global market. And all of these is possible without coding skills or any other extra experience. There are a lot of reasons you may want to run an ace website, so, in this post, I’m going to assist you. As the name of the article says, today, I’ll show you how to create an online shop with PrestaShop.

Why PrestaShop?

To start with, let me explain why PrestaShop is the CMS which is definitely worthy of your attention. These days, you can find lots of premium PrestaShop themes, so why do you need these products? Let’s see!

PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative way to develop your business. As you can see, now eCommerce is the most popular business model. Well, actually, PrestaShop was made especially for these reasons! In case you are the owner of a shop who just wants to lead their business to a new level or you just want to start your eCommerce company. Anyway, PrestaShop is exactly what the doctor offered! Being super easy in use, this CMS is great for beginners. You can manage a voguish website with PrestaShop even if you have never designed one before! To sum everything up, working with PrestaShop is as easy as it gets thanks to the ready-made themes.

Talking about happy users, in 2019, PrestaShop has:

  • 1,000,000 + community members,
  • 1,000 + contributors,
  • and 250+ agencies.

Working with PrestaShop

For example, here is how building a PS website will influence your business:

  1. You will easily customize the online store you built. Just choose the needed colors, your logo, and the design you like. You will be able to choose from a rich selection of professionally designed themes.
  2. This step will drive your business! You will be able to manage your products, orders, and track statistics. Using PS website, you will easily build a trustworthy relationship with prospects. And, wherever you are, you will have full control under the shop as well!
  3. By sharing your content on social media, you will attract more people to the project.
  4. It will bring to your site social traffic and improve customer experience.
  5. Obviously, now, you can sell globally! Working with a PrestaShop-based website, you can present your business in different languages. People will be able to view out several currencies.

About PrestaShop Themes

To make a long story short, a PrestaShop theme is a set of ready-made online pages. Needless to say, it also includes many features, all the must-haves, trendy functions, stylish UI components, and much more. Basically, you get everything ready-to-use. For these simple reasons, working with these themes as easy as ABC.

Which options to look for when choosing your theme? To figure it out, let’s review 3 top PrestaShop



This article was written by Lana Miro and originally published on Colorlib.

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