How To Add CAPTCHA Protection to WordPress

How To Add CAPTCHA Protection to WordPress

Even if you are confident in the security of your WordPress site, you should still take precautions. A security breach can wreak irreparable damage to your online business. Hackers frequently use bots to saturate your website with spam, which can get out of hand quickly.

Fortunately, spammers and bots may be kept out of your site using a sophisticated tool. WordPress CAPTCHA is a simple and easy-to-use test that enables security on your website and offers an extra layer of protection.

Let’s take a closer look at how to use CAPTCHA to protect your website.


CAPTCHA is the acronym for the “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” test. Computers can distinguish between automated and human users thanks to CAPTCHA, which does precisely what its name implies. Humans can breeze through these tasks efficiently, but an automated script might struggle.

Traditional CAPTCHA tests require the user to enter distorted text, but reCAPTCHA is a newer, complex CAPTCHA type that has been around for a while (and noCAPTCHA, a sort of reCAPTCHA spinoff). Invisible CAPTCHA, the most recent version, is now available too.

How Do CAPTCHAs Protect Your WordPress Website?

Hackers, spammers, or bots can assault your site’s login and registration pages. Typically, their goal is to access the administration area. Forms, where you need to enter usernames and passwords, are excellent for hackers to use as entry points.

When an unauthorized user gains access to your WordPress admin area, a lot may go wrong, including:

  • Crashing a network of websites
  • Distributing malware
  • Reducing website traffic
  • Demanding a ransom
  • Hurting search optimization efforts
  • Spamming the comments  section
  • Stealing personal information

WordPress CAPTCHA helps protect your site from hackers and spam bots by confirming if an actual human is attempting to use a form on your site. Traditionally this includes visually stretching, distorting, or otherwise manipulating numbers and letters, then relying on the human ability to recognize the symbols.


Above a traditional CAPTCHA test was mentioned however CAPTCHA tests come in various forms. Over time, newer, more accurate, and more efficient software has replaced older versions. In this section we’ll go over the most common types, the differences between them and plugins that you can use to implement them on your WordPress site.

Human-Assisted OCR

reCaptcha by BestWebSoft

With this common type of CAPTCHA, users must understand distorted text or pictures to log in or complete a form.

ReCAPTCHA, Google’s



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