How to Automatically Send an Ebook to Your Email Subscribers

How to Automatically Send an Ebook to Your Email Subscribers

o you want to know how to send your free ebook to new subscribers?

Creating an ebook is one thing. But most bloggers struggle when it comes to delivering their ebook automatically.

So, in this guide, you’ll discover how to send your ebook to new subscribers on auto-pilot.

Why Send an Ebook?

If you want to make money with your blog, you’ll need loyal subscribers. And one of the best ways to get more email subscribers and introduce them to your content is to give them a free ebook in exchange for their email address.

It’s not the only way to get new subscribers. But time and again, the top bloggers choose to offer an ebook because they’re perceived as high value, and they’re instantly accessible.

Another reason for choosing an ebook as your lead magnet is that PDF files are super easy to share. Often, you’ll find people forward them on to their friends who then get introduced to you and your blog. And before long, you’ll have another subscriber or two.

How to Send an Ebook (Step-by-Step)

Once you’ve created an ebook, there are 3 steps to take so you can automatically send it to your email subscribers.

  1. Upload your ebook to a server location
  2. Create an optin form to capture the email addresses of subscribers
  3. Deliver your ebook to subscribers

Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Upload Your Ebook

Before we look at the available options to send your ebook, you need to upload the ebook PDF file to a server location where subscribers can download it.  

In WordPress, you can do this by uploading the ebook PDF file to your media library. Then make a note of the Copy Link location: 

Note the file location

If you don’t want to store the ebook on WordPress, you could upload it to another cloud storage service, such as Google Drive or DropBox.

Note: You’ll need the download link later, so keep it handy.

Step 2 – Create a High-Converting Optin Form

Once you’ve uploaded your ebook to a server, you need a way of capturing the email addresses of subscribers in an optin form. 

We recommend using OptinMonster to make this process as smooth as possible. You can choose from different campaign types to display attention-grabbing offers to your visitors, including:

  • Inline Form – displays in blog posts and page content.
  • Lightbox Popup – appears on the page after a specified time or action.
  • Fullscreen Welcome



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