19 ways to fix a slow WooCommerce Admin Panel (Dashboard)

WP Optimize Plugin

Is your WooCommerce admin panel slow?

A slow WooCommerce dashboard can usually be fixed by cleaning your database with WP-Optimize, disabling the WordPress heartbeat API, and eliminating high CPU plugins. It could also be because you have “object cache” enabled in W3 Total Cache, or that your cache plugin isn’t configured optimally. WP Rocket was rated the #1 cache plugin in multiple Facebook polls, and SiteGround was rated the #1 host in 26 Facebook polls (who also uses the fastest version of PHP 7.3). I use both and have a .5s load time in GTmetrix and great Pingdom scores.

Is my website WooCommerce? No, but my developer and I have optimized multiple WooCommerce sites to load 3x faster. I listed the most common solutions for fixing a slow WooCommerce dashboard, as well as solutions from WordPress-related Facebook Groups.


1. Clean Your Database With WP-Optimize

Nothing slows down your admin panel like a bloated database. Use WP-Optimize or WP Rocket to schedule a database cleanup every 1-2 weeks. This will optimize database tables and delete transients, post revisions, autosaves, pingbacks, trackbacks, and other things that cause bloat in your database. Of course, you should always take a backup before doing this.

WP-Optimize Clean Database


2. Clear Customer Sessions

As explained in this article, the wp-options table can grow too fast due to ineffective cron jobs, or bots crawling your site and creating sessions on the fly. The first step is the clear customer sessions in your Status settings. The next step (see the next section) is to disable wp-cron jobs.

Clear Customer Sessions


3. Disable WP-Cron

The wp-cron is loaded on every page load and schedules automated tasks like publishing scheduled posts, checking for theme and plugin



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