6 Best Free Website Builders for People With No Coding Experience

6 Best Free Website Builders for People With No Coding Experience

Building a website used to require significant knowledge of programming languages like HTML and CSS or a large budget for a web designer. Today, however, there are many different free website builders. These website builders allow you to create a beautiful site in a matter of hours, no programming skills or budget required.

In this article, we will take a look at the six best free website builders and help you choose the right option for your business. All of these website builders offer a free plan. Most also offer premium plans with additional features.

⚙️ Main features

  • Access to a wide range of professionally designed website templates, searchable by industry.
  • Built in drag-and-drop store builder and image editor.
  • Photo galleries.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Huge variety of add-ons and integrations available to allow for full site customization
  • Ability to create multiple free websites on one account.
  • Wix AI website builder – create a website in a matter of minutes by answering a few simple questions.

Free website builders: wix

? Pros

  • There are an enormous number of free templates available, designed with a variety of industries and interests in mind. There are also hundreds of design elements such as stock photos and clipart available to help you customize your site.
  • All templates are fully customizable, allowing you to create your ideal website.
  • Wix offers free websites hosted on subdomains. You can create as many free websites as you desire.
  • Sites come with tools for SEO, social media integration, analytics, and marketing tools.

? Cons

  • There are so many different options and settings that Wix can be overwhelming for new users.
  • Storage and bandwidth are both limited to 500MB on the free plan.
  • You can’t switch your site template later on. You’re stuck with the template you’ve picked during setup.

All in all, Wix is one of the best free website builders for business owners who are completely new to website design. The enormous number of templates and features available allow you to create any type of website you can dream up. However, the blogging function is rather limited. The limited amount of storage also makes Wix a poor choice for a blog-based website.

2. Webflow

⚙️ Main features

  • Blank canvas option that allows you to design your ideal website from scratch.
  • Large variety of pre-designed templates to choose from.
  • Ability to create two



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