9 Best Email Automation Software to Try in 2023 –

9 Best E-mail Automation Software to Try In 2023

E-mail automation is not just about creating delayed e-mails. It is about highly personalized communication with potential and existing clients and customers. For sales to be effective, it is essential to have good relationships with customers and potential customers.

By automating the system of e-mail messages/SMS, Facebook, and Google ads, you can individually address each customer, which is predetermined by the system. E-mail automation implies the creation of an automated script based on the customer’s purchase cycle and the business (sales) goals. Automation refers to the performance of some actions based on a given pre-set scenario and the current mood of a potential customer.

And now when we have mentioned all this, it is time to look at the list of the best e-mail automation software you might find helpful.

You have undoubtedly encountered countless times that you cannot find someone’s email address, have many daily responsibilities and do not want to browse the Internet for hours to find it or accumulate subscriptions. Besides, it is time-consuming; also, and it is not a cost-effective process. If this has happened to you, keep reading because we have found the ideal tool for you.

With this tool, there is no need to get into such situations anymore because, with the help of Spylead, you can find anyone’s email and extract data from LinkedIn, Google maps, SERP, and many other platforms.

Spylead offers up to 99.9% accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about whether data are accurate or reliable. Also, it will make the process of email automation simple and efficient.

In addition, Spylead will allow you to check emails, and you can select emails by various filters, such as first name, last name, email, and similar. You do not have to do any additional subscription required, so this seems like a cost-effective solution.

LiveAgent landing page

LiveAgent is a help desk software that collects user inquiries from multiple channels (e-mail, live chat, phone, forums, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, etc.). Moreover, it generates comprehensive reports, so your managers can spot any problems in time and simply. In addition, it automates daily customer support tasks for improved efficiency.

The system includes a call center, ticketing, knowledge base, forum, user portal, live chat, and more. LiveAgent has a great feature: it offers more than 180 integrations to make the most information available from one interface. For example, you can integrate ActiveCampaign or Clickfunnels. Both of these e-mail automation integrations can improve conversions in the long run.

Moosend landing page

Moosend is a holistic e-mail platform that will allow you to take your marketing to the next level. This software has absorbing and powerful automation features that will make your customers get feedback in seconds.

Moosend has a drag-and-drop tool. That tool makes it simple to automate workflows and e-mail transactions. It also has ready-made recipes. Moosend integrates with many other platforms, such as Woocommerce. It’s a great thing to improve productivity and is a top option for keeping track of your customers.

Moosend has gained popularity because it is fast and easy to use. Additional automation tools that Moosend has will make things even more uncomplicated. Also, using this software, users can design e-mails according to their preferences.

Constant Contact landing page

Constant Contact is software that serves to establish e-mail marketing services. It has handy extensions for digital marketing, social media, and an event management tool. If you have ever heard of CRM, this software can offer you the best CRM solutions. And best of all, you have it all on one platform.

E-mail automation is simple and has many options to make it easier. You can set up triggered e-mail series. You should know that there are some limitations to more complex automated sequences.

Hubspot landing page

You have probably heard about Hubspot before. If marketing and CRM tools are essential to you, then Hubspot is indispensable. Many users have been giving their trust in this software for years, which is one of the best solutions for creating potential customers.

Regarding e-mail automation, Hubspot does not have as many options and features as other software. However, everything Hubspot offers is not to be dismissed. Many sales and marketing teams have expressed satisfaction with using Hubspot. It is possible to build automated workflows or schedule follow-up tasks.

ActiveCampaign landing page

ActiveCampaign is software that excels in marketing automation. If you want to increase productivity and sales – you have found your ideal solution. ActiveCampaign can be used by shops, companies, professionals, or complete amateurs. But one thing is the same; everyone will get advanced marketing solutions to increase conversion rates.

Also, you will improve relationships with current clients and have the opportunity to get a lot of new clients.

Sendinblue landing page

As we know, clients come first, so their relationship must be at the highest possible level. Sendinblue will enable you to do this because you get the opportunity to manage communication with clients in one place.

Sendinblue has e-mail automation, SMS, and the best CRM solutions. There are no arrangements for more complex automated sequences, and Sendinblue also has tools to grow your e-mail list.

Omnisend landing page

Omnisend is a platform with which you can build a multi-channel experience. This means that a combination of multiple channels is allowed, for example, e-mail and SMS. It has pre-built workflows for e-mail automation. This can enable you to cross-sell.

Mailerlite landing page

Mailerlite is one of the most accessible platforms of its type to use. And best of all? Well, maybe it is the most affordable solution. It can be used by companies, shops, professionals, and complete amateurs. In addition to transactional e-mails, you can send triggered campaigns based on customer actions or choose the option of multiple triggers to reach the next level of targeting.


Although automated e-mails have many advantages, you should use them sparingly. Certain situations require the attention of your customer service agents. For example, brands should not automate responses to customer inquiries. The client usually needs an immediate response and expects human intervention. 

Automated e-mail cannot solve every query because every case is different. But in some situations, having some of the tools we have mentioned is a lifesaver and very often a crucial part of the daily business. In that regard, choose the ones from the list according to your needs.

If you ask us, we have a favorite, Spylead. Try this tool and see for yourself why.

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