10 Best Membership Site Platforms

10 Best Membership Site Platforms 2022

Are you looking for the best membership website platforms?

Even though many requested to create a tutorial and list software because they don’t know how to do it, let me tell you a secret:

It’s WAY easier than you think.

And the benefits of running a membership site are many.

You can enjoy a lot better user engagement, which will increase time-on-site and decrease bounce rate.

Plus, you have the freedom to turn members into (paid) subscribers and take your business to the next level.

We recommend creating yours with a membership website builder because it’s so simple to do.

This post goes over:

What Is A Membership Website

A membership website is a website that has a special area for members, which, in the majority of cases, comes with benefits.

This could mean that members can access exclusive content, apps, online courses, easier online shopping, forums, and more.

Note: Even though memberships are usually free (because this is not a subscription), it can sometimes be a paid option.

Yes, this is where the question comes then: “What’s the difference between a membership and a subscription website?”

Difference Between Membership & Subscription Websites

Because a membership and a subscription page are similar, many users wonder which option to choose.

But it’s pretty simple:

  • A membership website unlocks the door to a special members’ area of a website, group, education platform, etc. (Rarely a paid option.)
  • A subscription website is based around paying a few for the content, which could be music, movies, workouts, and more. The most popular are monthly subscriptions but other paid-time-periods are also possible (“Get a discount if you subscribe for our annual plan”).

In short: You have free access to a membership website but need to pay for the subscription one.

For example, you need to pay a monthly fee to gain access to Apple Music but you create an account for free to access the goodies at 40approns (0 ads, eBooks, special recipes, etc.).

Adding a lock to the content you want to restrict is effort-free whether you want to build one or the other website.

You can start from scratch with a dedicated membership website builder or a membership WordPress theme.

But you can also install a membership/subscription plugin if your website is already live.

What’s cool is that this type of software organizes and automates things for you. Which – of course – saves you A TON of time and energy.

Plus, it allows you to focus on the important: Making the best content.

Here’s how to build a membership website for your business (or even for a client).

How To Create A Membership Website

  1. Think of your membership model
  2. Create



This article was written by Aigars Silkalns and originally published on Colorlib.

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