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7 of the Best Related Post Plugins for Keeping Your Readers Engaged (2020)

If you want to keep people browsing your WordPress site, showing them related posts is a great strategy. Instead of letting people bounce away after they finish reading one of your articles, you can show them other content that they’re interested in so that they keep on reading.

To do that, you need a WordPress related posts plugin, which is what we’ve collected for you in this article.

We’ll showcase 7 useful plugins that look great, are customizable, and won’t kill your site’s performance. But before we get to the plugins, let’s quickly run through what to look for in a related content plugin to focus your search.

What to Look for in a WordPress Related Posts Plugin

There are four broad areas to consider when choosing a plugin:

  1. Design options
  2. Control/customization options
  3. Performance
  4. Custom post type support


You want your related content suggestions to blend into your site, so make sure that you have all the style and layout options that you need. For example, do you want just a text list of related posts? Or do you want image thumbnails, too? Are they going in your sidebar? Or underneath your content?

Some plugins also give you more advanced options, like including custom content in the layout (e.g. the price of a WooCommerce product).


There are two parts to control:

  • The pool of “related” content – for example, you might want to exclude posts in a certain category from being included in related results
  • The algorithm that determines what related content is – for example, maybe you don’t want to factor in “tags” when coming up with suggestions. Or maybe you want to add more weight if a post is in the same category.

Some plugins give you full control over everything, while others don’t.


Related post plugins can have a negative effect on performance because some are very database-intensive, especially if you have a lot of content. Some managed WordPress hosts, like WP Engine and Flywheel, even ban some of the popular related posts plugins for this reason.

The most performance-friendly option is to choose a plugin that handles processing related posts on its own third-party servers. If that’s not an option for you, you’ll at least want to choose an option that caches its related content suggestions so that it doesn’t need to query your database on every page load.

Custom Post Type Support

If all you want to do is display some related blog posts, you can ignore this. But if you want to display other types of content (e.g. WooCommerce products, events, apartments, etc.), you’ll want to make sure the plugin supports custom post types.

Seven Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins

Now, let’s get into the plugins…

1. Jetpack Related Posts

If you want the most performance-friendly,



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WPKube.

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