The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022

WooCommerce is arguably the best – and most popular – solution to create a WordPress-based eCommerce store. While it’s the perfect plugin to use when creating your online store, it can benefit from some added functionality.

There are several ways you can enhance your store’s functionality by using plugins. Specifically, we’re going to share nine plugins that significantly enhance the checkout process.

There are plugins to help you capture abandoned carts, create a faster checkout experience, customize carts, and even create a fully functional online food takeout and delivery ordering experience for your restaurant.

Let’s look at the list!

Best WooCommerce Cart Plugins

Replacing multiple cart and checkout steps with a single order form on one page.

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 1

Improving your store’s marketing and better understanding your customers and advertising channels. 

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 2

Creating a fully functional online ordering system for your restaurant.

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 3

Preventing under age visitors from purchasing products that are only for adults.

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 4

Optimizing the WooCommerce checkout for conversions with smoother checkout, order bumps, upsells, and more. 
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The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 5

Allowing customers customers to display and edit their cart as they shop.

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 6

Adding, editing, or customizing the fields on the checkout pages to tailor a shopping experience more specific to your buyers.

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 7

Creating a responsive, animated cart that pops up as soon as a customer adds a product.

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 8

Adding the functionality to save carts and share them with friends via social media or through email.

Fast Cart screenshot

This plugin from Barn2 allows you to replace multiple cart and checkout steps with a single order form on one page. In a nutshell, it adds a flexible mini cart to your WooCommerce store. 

After a customer adds products to their cart, they can make changes, add products, or checkout, all from inside the pop-up cart. Fast Cart allows you to choose the placement of the pop-up cart on the page, in addition to changing colors and choosing from a side cart or pop-up cart. You can also decide if you want to replace the standard WooCommerce cart and checkout pages.

Key Features:

  • Instant access to the cart or checkout from any page
  • Replace the WooCommerce cart page, checkout page, or both
  • Integrates with your theme to match your design
  • Choose your button colors, design and layout
  • Designed for beginners and developers

WooCommerce Fast Cart supports all popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Braintree and more.

Pricing: $79 – $119 Annual

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 9

Creating funnels is the key to generating more sales in your eCommerce store. WooFunnels integrates with WooCommerce to create a feature-rich eCommerce site. The plugin makes it easy to design landing pages, one-click  upsells, order bumps, and helps you take care of that pesky abandoned cart problem.

WooFunnels also offers multiple responsive templates for creating your funnels, so you don’t have to design everything from scratch. In addition to design tools, WooFunnels also provides tools that let you track orders and perform split A/B testing. It also gives you analytics reports that are easy to understand. There is also a feature that allows you to index orders. 

This WooCommerce cart plugin also allows you to integrate with external services like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and TikTok.

Key Features: 

  • Landing pages
  • Customized checkout pages
  • One-click upsells
  • Order bumps
  • A/B split testing 

Pricing: $15 Monthly

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 10

Orderable is a complete online ordering solution for your restaurant. It’s an all-in-one plugin that handles pretty much everything you need to accept online food orders. Once you have it installed you only need to add your menu items, process orders, and deliver them. It’s surprisingly easy because Orderable does the heavy lifting for you. 

Another advantage of using Orderable is that there are no additional fees or commissions to be paid when you use it. You’ll keep more money in your pocket – and with the slim margins in the restaurant business, that will be a huge relief.

Key Features:

  • Create custom menu layouts
  • Easy Product Add-ons
  • Customize your store’s hours, Checkout settings, Tip settings, and Layout
  • Add menu layouts to any page using the Orderable Block

Pricing: $149 Annual

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 11

If you sell certain types of products in your online store, it’s a requirement to verify your customer’s age before they shop. Products like tobacco, alcohol, medicine, or fireworks are all regulated by law, and you’ll need to verify age before allowing a customer to add products to their cart.

The WooCommerce Age Verification Popup plugin will display an age verification popup on products, cart, and checkout pages that you specify. You can also choose to create a popup for the entire site.

The plugin allows you to customize the text and color to match the style of your site. You can also specify the amount of cookie time to remember age verification for a specific number of hours or days.

Key Features: 

  • Multiple verification methods
  • Display on an entire store or selected pages
  • Customizable age verification popup
  • Customize cookie time and redirection links
  • Keep verification active for logged-in users

Pricing: $29 Annual

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 12

Another user-friendly sales funnel builder is CartFlows. Similar to WooFunnels, the plugin is designed to help generate leads and convert visitors into customers. 

CartFlows includes an extensive library of conversion optimized templates that are ready to use.

One thing that stands out with CartFlows is their Canvas Mode. Canvas Mode allows you to view the sales funnels you design as interactive visualizations. Seeing complicated sales funnels as visual flow charts is a really handy feature that will help you understand how customers move through your site – all on one screen.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built Templates
  • One Click Import
  • Made for Popular Page Builders
  • Conversion Optimized Templates
  • Customize Without Code

Pricing: $239 Annual or $999 Lifetime

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 13

These days customers expect it to be easy to display their shopping cart as they shop. They want to see what items they’ve added, update quantities, and see the totals as they go. The WooCommerce Cart All In One Plugin is an extension that enhances the functions of the standard WooCommerce cart in your online store.

The plugin allows you to design the front-end of all the enhanced cart areas to match the style of your website.

Key Features:

  • Sidebar cart
  • Menu Cart
  • Sticky Add To Cart Button
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Checkout directly on sidebar Cart

Pricing: Free, $30 Premium Version

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 14

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to customize the fields on your checkout pages? With YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager, you can add or remove fields, choose between text or check box, add select and radio buttons, and more.

You can also style the new fields as well as move the fields wherever you want using simple drag n drop.

Because it’s developed by YITH, it’s also possible to integrate with their WooCommerce MailChimp extension. It’s a handy tool that helps you make sure your follow-up campaigns are well targeted and based on your customers’ purchases.

Key Features:

  • Create custom fields of different kinds, such as text or multiple choice
  • Using the Drag & Drop system you can move the fields wherever you want
  • Choose colors, labels and the tooltip you wish to display for the checkout fields
  • Enable Javascript Field Validation in order to display mandatory fields
  • Choose whether you want the checkout to be arranged in a single row rather then two (as set by default on WooCommerce)
  • Customize the shipping, billing and additional notes fields

Pricing: $69.99 Annual

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 15

Similar to Cart All In One, this WooCommerce shopping cart plugin shows an animated cart popup when a customer adds a product. You can directly remove products from the slideout cart and also proceed to checkout. It’s responsive, so you can capture those mobile phone sales more easily.

Key Features 

  • Position the cart popup left or right.
  • Admins can also customize the cart, checkout, and continue shopping button labels and colors.
  • Customize the font size.
  • Add a coupon sticker.
  • Counts the number of products in WooCommerce.

Pricing: Free, $15 Pro Version

The 9 Best WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins In 2022 16

The ability to save and share an online shopping cart is no longer a feature possible on big eCommerce sites like Amazon. Now you can offer your customers this functionality as well.

WooCommerce Save & Share Cart allows users to save, share or even replace their carts. This WooCommerce shopping cart plugin allows both logged-in and guest users to save carts.

Users can also share carts through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Messenger, WhatsApp, Linkedin, and Skype. Your customers can share their shopping cart via social media or through email.

Key Features

  • Useful for customers to save wishlist-type carts
  • Reduces cart abandonment rate
  • Increases visitor traffic via shared cart link
  • Share a cart link via social media
  • Customers can save or print carts or retrieve them at any time

Pricing: $49 Annual

The Best WooCommerce Cart Plugins To Enhance Your Online Store

While some of these plugins on the list share a few features, they can all enhance your WooCommerce store in their own way. When you make it easier for customers to checkout or even share their carts, you increase the potential for not only making more sales, but also bringing new visitors to your site. Try different combinations of these plugins to create a shopping experience that rivals large online retailers.

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