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Best WordPress Directory Plugins

WordPress directory plugins are quite known for the extensive benefits they deliver to businesses, especially when they offer local services! And as a person who is about to run the online directory website, you should be pretty much benefitted from installing a directory plugin on your website! I mean who doesn’t want the big bucks to flow in while doing something great?

Before we get to see the list of best business directory plugins around, we’ll get through a few basics first!

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Key Features When Choosing a WordPress Directory Plugin

Before installing a WordPress plugin, you’ve got to double-check whether the chosen plugin is worth every penny or not! Because there’s no point in going back and forth! You’ll only be sabotaging the development process and shelling out pennies.

Here are a few key features you should consider taking a look at before you choose “the one plugin” for your website!

Payment Gateway Options

If you’re running an Online directory website, then it’s mandatory that you are quite flexible with the payment options. Because you have no idea what payment gateway method your potential customer would be looking for. And this should never be a reason for you to lose a business!

Customizable Form Fields

It’s obvious that you’ll have to add/customize form fields on your WordPress directory plugin because the nature of every online directory differs based on the industry and the geographical location of the business. So make sure your chosen business directory plugin allows you to customize the form fields.

Media Support

Who’d want to showcase their business without their brand logo? In fact, a research stated that 8 out of 10 individuals hesitated to list their business when they didn’t have the option to upload media files. And that’s probably another factor you should take a closer look at!

Monetization Options

As a business perspective, monetization is the core ingredient for sustaining a business. The same goes with the directory listing business, and you need to know how to monetize a directory website effortlessly. A qualified WordPress directory plugin allows you to have multiple exclusive monetization facilities to boost up your business.

User-Friendly Factor

Imagine you’re a user and you are in an online directory website trying to submit your details. And it’s some time now since you started searching for the submission form! On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you still want to list your business on the website? The point is, the user-friendly factor is one of the most important factors a WordPress directory plugin should be having!

Though there are other few features that are considered mandatory (customer interactions, directory listing modifications, shortcodes, etc), the above mentioned are the most prominent



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