ConvertKit vs Mailchimp: Which is Better Honest Comparison



ConvertKit is an excellent email platform for online creators such as bloggers. Mailchimp targets almost every marketer. Here’s our honest side by side comparison of these email marketing platforms.

Looking for an in-depth and honest comparison of ConvertKit and Mailchimp? You’re in the right place.

There are way too many email marketing platforms available online. Out of them, both ConvertKit and Mailchimp provide excellent value for money.

ConvertKit is exclusively designed for online creators and Mailchimp is designed for every marketer in the world.

So which is better: ConvertKit or Mailchimp? In this detailed comparison post, let’s find out;

  • What is ConvertKit along with its features and interface
  • What is Mailchimp along with its features and interface
  • Every major feature side by side comparison of both these platforms
  • Pros and cons of both
  • Pricing plans (along with their free plans comparison)
  • And many more

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started without much ado.

Is ConvertKit Better than Mailchimp [Side by Side Comparison]

ConvertKit vs Mailchimp



This article was written by Anil Agarwal and originally published on BloggersPassion: Learn SEO Blogging with An Expert.

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Which is Better? ConvertKit Mailchimp
Pricing $29/Month $9.99/Month
Offers a FREE plan? Yes Yes
Landing pages Yes Yes
Charges you extra for duplicate/redundant subscribers? No Yes
Suitable for Beginners, freelancers, bloggers, YouTubers and online creators All kinds of marketers