How To Create A FullyBranded, Customized Client Portal With WPMU DEV

How To Create A Fully-Branded, Customized Client Portal With WPMU DEV

Learn how to give your clients an easy and professional white label portal experience where they can access their account, sites, and pay you via a secure and self-hosted checkout.

Imagine having your own unique portal where your clients can login, access their billing accounts, even make payments – all hosted on your own site, with your own branding.

Well, good news, with WPMU DEV it’s possible and simple! And in this article we’re showing you how to create the client portal of your dreams.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create custom login pages for clients,
  • How to invite clients to your portal using branded emails,
  • How clients can make payments to you quickly and easily.

By the end of this article you will have set up a sleek portal under your own brand that clients can use to access information about their sites and make secure payments for your services.

Here are the section breakouts:

And we’re off!

What You Will Need To Create Your Portal

Before we get started, here’s what you’re gonna need if you want to follow along, or eventually create your own portal:

1. The Hub, to establish the base of your portal and integrate billing tools

The Hub is your central interface as a WPMU DEV user, and it’s where our web developer members manage every aspect of their client sites.

You can learn more about how it works in our how to get the most out of The Hub article.

This all-in-one site interface also includes a built-in client management and billing dashboard – where you can invoice clients, set up subscriptions, track monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and more.

And most importantly and relevant to this article… you can invite your clients to have customized access to your billing dashboard (and specific areas of your overall Hub), where they can view their account and subscription info, and even pay invoices directly via a built-in Stripe checkout.

All of the above lays the groundwork for your white label client portal. But it’s still all under WPMU DEV’s branding up until this point.

That’s where this next tool comes into the equation…

2. The Hub Client, to brand your portal as your own

The Hub Client allows you to take your Hub interface, including billing tools and checkout, and white label the entire thing with your own branding, logos, etc.

This instance will be on your own site at your own domain, so when your clients login they see your brand, not ours.

3. A Hosted Site For Your Portal

Finally, you’ll also need a hosted site to host your client portal…

This can be either a 3rd-party hosted site, or there’s always our own dedicated WordPress hosting, which you can also manage right from your Hub dashboard.

All of the above tools are included with the WPMU DEV Agency plan, which you can also trial



This article was written by Janette Burhans and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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