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How to Create WooCommerce Product Photos

WooCommerce has been a fascinating prospect for WordPress users to create online stores without going into the development technicalities. Outright e-commerce functionality is available to your WordPress based website with the simple installation process of the WooCommerce plugin. Along with the whole prospect of product and order management portal, this plugin allows you to upload product photos and create galleries around each of the products. Let’s get you through the brief guide that will outline the process and best practices to get things done.

Why Create Product Photos from Scratch?

Often business owners underestimate both the quantity and quality aspects of the work that needs to be done when your online store is live. It is not just that you have the domain, hosting, WordPress, and WooCommerce installed, your sales are going to have a significant boost. Assuming you have the products finalized or available to be sold online, you need to focus on creating stellar self-explaining photos that can convince the target audience to take action.

There are multiple aspects of product photos users are allowed to have with the functionality provided by WooCommerce. Users can have a single product image, product gallery, and product thumbnails. There comes the work of image sizing work that needs to be done in an appropriate manner. If you aren’t familiar with conventional photo editing tools like Photoshop then use an online image cropper, so that the right versions are uploaded to the website.

There would be probably two scenarios, whether you have a branded product that is already sold on the internet or a private label one where you have something unique to offer against any product type. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Source Product Photos From the Internet

When you have branded products to sell, manufacturers or parent brands would already have detailed photos and descriptions on there to be reused for the online retailers. You can browse through their websites and download respective product photos (just be sure to follow the terms of use). Often they would be in other formats or sizing versions that aren’t quite suitable for your website.

You need to adjust their image formats, convert them to a standard size you are going to use all over for WooCommerce product photos, and perform additional work like background removal. It is a key thing to note here is that you can’t just simply download and upload to your website. This is because firstly, you might not get all photos from one place. Secondly, they might have used other formats or frames that won’t go well with the WooCommerce store. Thirdly, you need to have your own photo background frames and sizing recommendations for a consistent website layout.

Also, you can bulk upload or bulk edit WooCommerce products if you need the job to be executed in less time. A pro tip here would be that all the product photos that are sourced and edited, have meaningful file names and place the images in their



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