How to Create a WooCommerce Product Slider (2 Free Plugins)

How to Create a WooCommerce Product Slider (2 Free Plugins)

The larger your product catalog grows, the harder it becomes for visitors to find what they want. Browsing through page after page hoping to locate the right item can become a chore. That’s where a product slider can come in handy.

With product sliders, you can showcase as many items as you want on a single page, and make your catalog easy to navigate. Your slider can occupy as little or as much space as needed, depending on the design you choose.

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite examples of eCommerce sliders. Then we’ll walk through how to build a WooCommerce product slider using two different plugins, both of which offer a free version.

Let’s get started!

The benefits of using a product slider on your store

Sliders are everywhere on the web. Many websites now use sliding galleries as a part of their hero sections:

If you want to show off reviews or client testimonials, sliders can also be an excellent choice:

Sliding testimonials are a great way to pack a ton of information in a small space.

However, few types of websites can get as much mileage out of sliders as online stores. Depending on how large your product catalog is, your visitors might have to browse through many pages to locate what they want:

Multiple product pages.

There are a lot of ways to circumvent that problem. You can segment items by category, add in better search functionality, and of course, use product sliders:

An example of a product slider.

With the right tools, you can easily create attention-grabbing product



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