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Easily Create and Manage Emails From Inside WordPress With MailPoet - WP Pluginsify

If you are in the business of digital marketing, blogging, freelancing, or any online work of a similar sort, you might have, at one time or another, experienced the frustration of doing email marketing. Sometimes it’s too expensive (especially if you don’t keep many of the subscribers you initially had) and sometimes it just seems too complicated, time-consuming, and not worth the trouble. Well, prepare for things to get a lot easier in that department.

Email marketing has become a crucial tool in running your business. Growing your mailing list and gathering subscribers is something everyone wants and needs in order to expand. And as the need for email marketing became greater so did the number of tools designed to make the whole process easier.

In this article, we’ll be looking at one such tool called MailPoet. So, if you’re new to this sort of business management (or are simply looking to switch things up) and are in the market for WordPress email software, read on and see what MailPoet can do to help you.

The MailPoet plugin

An important thing definitely worth noting is that MailPoet is a WordPress plugin, so you can get your emails sorted through your WordPress dashboard. It features an integrated drag-and-drop email design tool, and while those have become quite common, more often than not they won’t be integrated into your WordPress site.

You can use MailPoet to create newsletters, signup forms, manage and gather your subscribers as well as segment them into more mailing lists if necessary. There are also a lot of customization options and the plugin is relatively easy to use.

Installation and Getting Started

The first thing you’ll have to do is purchase a code for the plugin, and you will typically have to wait about 24 hours for your site to get verified (to make sure it’s not spam). Once your site is verified, go to the Plugins tab on your WordPress Dashboard and click Add New.

MailPoet installation

Search for MailPoet and install it on your site. When that’s complete you’re going to see the MailPoet icon above “Plugins”.

In order to get your Premium version going, open the plugin and click on “Settings”, there you should see the Key Activation option in the far right.

Go back to where you’ve purchased the code, copy it to your clipboard, paste it in the right place, and voila, you’re done.


1. Importing contacts

If you already have some previous contacts and subscribers you would like to transfer to MailPoet all you have to do is click on “Subscribers” and then find the import button.Easily Create and Manage Emails From Inside WordPress With MailPoet - WP Pluginsify 1



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