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When your passion for producing mesmerizing content that your future audience will simply devour by reading it without blinking has reached its peak, you know it’s time to warm up those fingers, light up your keyboard and start typing!

Blogging has become one of the best methods of gaining online recognition, spreading words of inspiration, and getting a hefty income from the comfort of your home. And who will be the connector for channeling your thoughts and delivering them to your readers? Well, WordPress of course!

But choosing the right CMS is a few steps ahead of your starting point. Your road towards glory starts with the most bitter-sweet process of every blogger’s life, and that’s content producing. Dozens of sleepless nights and gallons of coffee drank brought you to completion of your first milestone with the starting content locked and loaded. Readability is satisfied, keywords are researched, content is exceptional.

You proceed to pick your domain name. But that’s just a formality since I know that your online label has been buried in your head from the first day that you’ve decided to embark on this adventure. And the snowball just keeps rolling – you ignite your design team (or accept that task yourself) and start cherry-picking every other piece into your jigsaw puzzle that will result in insight that every potential visitor just won’t be able to click away from. Plugins are slowly but surely piling up. You’ve done your research, and you know what’s up. You mean serious business, mistakes are just not affordable! Gradually, you’ve met your goals, and it’s time to hit it big!

Now, back to reality

But let’s take a few steps back to investigate some other factors that reality served in front of us. The ugly truth is that over 90% of blogs eventually fail. That stat is not really something that you wanted to hear, but being prepared for every conceivable outcome is a must, and if you want to break through, you must be aware that there’s more to it than just sugar and rainbows. The elephant in the room must be revealed – why do so many bloggers fail in their intent to reach glory? The most common reason is *drumrolls* they didn’t listen!

You may have your own ideas, your own path, and your own style, but encountering difficulties is inevitable if you are not following the steps of people that have been on the scene for years and that know which mistakes are you most likely to make.

Everyone was a beginner at some point, but the biggest value that anyone can possess is to learn from others and prevent mistakes from happening in the first place. Experienced pros that are blogging for years, bestseller pieces, experts that know the ins and outs of WordPress and blogging, ideas that were converted into huge businesses…those are only a few aspects that your new companions can brag about.

Do you think that if you had their tips could be of great value to your work? Well, quickly grab a pen and your notepad (or create



This article was written by Mirza Balalic and originally published on WP Newsify.

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