15 Experts Shared How to Get Your Website on Google in

15 Experts Shared How to Get Your Website on Google in 2020

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Ranking on the first page of Google is the dream of every online business owner.

As per SmartInsights, the First result in Google gets around 30% clicks, where 10 result in Google gets only 2% clicks. Ranking at the top not only brings a lot of business to your online brand but it boosts your authority as well.

Google keeps on launching many algorithm updates throughout the year to make the search engine better. These updates work like a charm for few SEO experts where many of them keep on struggling to rank their blogs higher in Google.

Search engine optimization is an on-going process in which you have to continue to improve your rankings in Google.

There are many techniques in the market that experts are using to rank at number one in Google, but here in this roundup, our main goal was getting the ideas to rank any website using the white-hat methods.

We asked 15 experts, “How to get your website on Google,” and the replies we got are mind-blowing.

We contacted some of the well-known faces in the SEO industry and asked them just one question.

Let’s see what are they suggesting as per their experience.

Matt Diggity

Ranking in Google is a complicated process, but at the end of the day we can simplify things down to content and backlinks.

With your content, make sure you’re completely answering the search query.  If it’s a discussion on “how to lose belly fat”, are you covering all the sub-topics required to answer that question? 

Are you talking about exercise?  How about avoiding transitive fats?

Also, think about search intent.  If someone is searching for “buy electric scooter”, then they’re looking for an e-commerce shop.  Don’t serve them up a listicle on your favorite electric scooters.

When it comes to backlinks, naturalness is key.  Get your links from real websites, preferably ones that have rankings and traffic in the same niche as yours.

15 Experts Shared How to Get Your Website on Google and Rank it in 2020 3

Glen Allsopp

There are so many facets to SEO that people can (and do) write entire books about the subject that still doesn’t cover it all.

However, there are three core



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