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As a WordPress user, you must be aware of all popular WordPress SEO plugins and some of the best WordPress plugins.

Then there are many underdog plugins like LinkBuildr, which are free and not well known. But, a plugin like this does have the potential to become in days to come.

I was introduced to the LinkBuildr WordPress plugin recently, and I realized how powerful this simple and free plugin.

In this tutorial, I will help you learn:

  • What LinkBuildr plugin is
  • How to use this plugin for building a relationship
  • More Tools you need to make most out of the LinkBuildr plugin.

So without further delay, lets deep dive into this fantastic plugin.

What is LinkBuildr WordPress Plugin:

LinkBuildr is a free email outreach WordPress plugin that helps you to quickly send emails to people you have linked from your article.

With over 100+ downloads, this is a relatively new and unknown plugin. But, please do not mistake the numbers for its potential.

In case if you are not aware, adding outbound links (Linking to useful resources) to your article helps in improved search engine ranking.

Linkbuildr plugin helps you to send thank you outreach emails to those website owners that you have linked from your resources. This way, other bloggers/influencers get to know that you have linked to them, and it helps you in:

  • They become aware of your brand.
  • Build a better relationship with linked resources
  • You can ask them to take certain actions such as share the article to your network, link back to you in the future & more.

With the help of this plugin, it only takes about 5-6 minutes to send an email, and it could easily be part of your post-publishing process.

How to setup Linkbuildr plugin

Let’s learn the complete configuration for Linkbuildr plugin

If you like to learn by watching a video, watch the below-embedded video tutorial :

Else, follow this text tutorial to learn in textual format.

To make most out of this plugin, you need three things:

  1. LinkBuildr plugin
  2. WP Mail logging plugin by MailPoet
  3. Hunter.io for finding the email address of a domain

Install #1 and #2 plugin.

Configure the outreach email template:

Head over to Linkbuildr > Email templates and configure the email templates.

At this stage, you can be as creative as you like.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 1

I have configured three email templates as of now. The simplest one is “Quick thanks.”

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 2

Hey [contactname],

How is it going?

This is Harsh from ShoutMeLoud, and I just wanted to say quick thanks for the work you guys doing at [contactsitename]

Also, I gave you a shout out in my latest post: [posturl], and I thought you should know.

A warm thanks for making the web a better place.

Talk to you soon!

Harsh Agrawal

You can copy paste the above template and customize it according to your writing style.

The next step is to go to one of your articles where you have linked to other resources.

Note: You can use this plugin for already published articles or for new articles that you are about to publish. If you work in a team, better add these steps to your SOP.

I’m using this post for example 14 Home office of professional bloggers

Click on Edit post and simply hit the update button for the LinkBuildr plugin to find all the domains that you have linked from that particular post.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 3

You can click on “Add details,” and it will pull up a screen like this to enter the contact details of the domain.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 4

Now, head over to Hunter.io and sign up for a free account. You can use any other services if you are already using one.

Enter the domain name in the search field, and you will have the email address of that particular domain name.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 5

Now, simply copy-paste the name and email address in the Linkbuildr plugin settings. Also, select an email template if you have multiple templates.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 6

Note: To make the most out of this outreach process, you can customize an email template for individual posts. [Optional]

Repeat the process for all the linked domains. In case if you can’t find the email address of a domain name, simply ignore and move to the next one.

Once you are all done, click on save.

Note: Another way to add contact detail for a domain is by going to Linkbuildr> Contacts

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 7

The plugin also offers a feature where you can import contact details. You can perhaps, outsource this task to a virtual assistant.

Note for plugin developer: it would be nice to see a feature to be able to export the list of all linked domains from the contact page. This will speed up the process.

Now, on the edit post section, you will find an option that says “Send Linkbuildr Emails on Publish.”

Simply enable it and hit publish for new posts or updates for an old post.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 8


Now, this plugin has sent an email to all linked domains.

How to verify or see all send email from WordPress:

Now, you want to be sure that all emails are sent, and for this, you need the WP mail logging plugin.

This is a free plugin, and you can access the dashboard of this plugin from tools > WP Mail log

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 9

Clicking on view, will show you the exact message that was sent.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 10

This just one campaign resulted in getting a reply from 50% of the linked resources. John also pointed out that his desk picture was old, and he was kind enough to send a new picture immediately.

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 11
A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 12

And another response:

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 13

Is int this cool?

Well, it all took only a few minutes of effort, and I was able to reach out to other bloggers/influencers.

Just adding this to your workflow could definitely help in a greater way.

LinkBuildr plugin review:

This is a great plugin, Kudos to the developers of FTF.agency for releasing it for free.

In the near future, a lot of features could be added to improve the plugin for more reach.

For example, here are a few ideas:

  • Integrate with hunter.io API or similar services to quickly fetch the contact detail for WordPress dashboard.
  • More control per post level to include/exclude certain domains from receiving an email.
  • Avoid sending repeated email

Overall, I will still give LinkBuildr plugin 4.5/5 for building such a lightweight and effective plugin.

Do try and let me know your experience with this plugin. If you have more creative ideas to make most out of the Linkbuildr plugin, do let me know in the comment section below.

If you find this tutorial useful, do share it in your network on Facebook groups and LinkedIn.

For further reading:

A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress 14

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