Full Site Editing Is Partly a ‘Go’ for WordPress 5.8

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Today, Josepha Haden Chomphosy announced the results of yesterday’s “go/no-go” demo and decision on whether Full Site Editing (FSE) would land in WordPress 5.8. The site editor and global styles are not landing in the next release. However, several other features should launch and allow users to build their sites with blocks in new ways.

The following people attended the demo:

  • Matías Ventura – Demo Host and Gutenberg Project Lead
  • Matt Mullenweg – WordPress Project Lead
  • Helen Hou-Sandí – Lead Developer
  • Josepha Haden Chomphosy – Executive Director
  • Héctor Prieto – Technical Project Manager
  • Chloé Bringmann – Assisting with administrative and operational logistics

Ventura walked the group through the various FSE features that could be ready for WordPress 5.8, taking questions and discussing along the way. There was also a discussion afterward that focused on ideas beyond the next release.

The following FSE-related features are expected to ship:

  • Improvements from Gutenberg 9.9+.
  • New theme-related blocks like Query, Site Logo, Navigation, and more.
  • theme.json integration, which allows themes to define block defaults and settings.
  • Template-editing mode for the block editor.
  • Block-based widgets screen and customizer integration.
  • New block design tools, such as duotone (SVG filters for images), layout controls, padding, and more.

“Not all of the above are currently ready but there’s some level of confidence that they can be by the time of 5.8,” noted Haden Chomphosy in the post.

This list feels like a solid compromise between launching some of the more polished FSE features and trying to force in those that are probably out of reach for a July 2021 release. The features also provide current users access to new block tools without activating a block-based theme.

The group focused on the Query block for much of the early discussion. The Gutenberg development team will likely change the block’s user-facing name to something less confusing. It also needs a bit more polishing to make things more user-friendly. I am interested in seeing how theme authors use this in conjunction with patterns once this launches.

One other feature that users should look forward to is the pattern directory. While it is not ready for integration into the WordPress admin UI, it does not need to be. Users will be able to copy patterns from the directory and paste them directly into their editor. In time, it should become a part of the built-in experience.

The group seems to have made a good call on which features to include. It is easy to want to push forward and get everything into the hands of users. It can be tougher to pull back and compromise.

Full video of the demo:




This article was written by Justin Tadlock and originally published on WordPress Tavern.

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