Importing All Your Contact Form 7 Data To Forminator Is Now Possible (And Simple!)

Importing All Your Contact Form 7 Data To Forminator Is Now Possible (And Simple!)

Want to instantly teleport all of your existing Contact Form 7 data over to Forminator? As of release 1.11 it can now be done in a matter of clicks. Stick around to see how it works and why we think you should make the transition.

That’s right, the most popular form plugin on WordPress just got a whole lot easier to ditch completely.

Nothing against Contact Form 7 of course… it’s been a staple in the WordPress community for some years now.

We just reckon our Forminator is a superior (and free) alternative. And we’ll prove it to you later in the article (with facts to back it up!).

But first, let’s get the introductions out of the way for those who haven’t yet met our formidable, form-making plugin.

(*WPMU DEV members and those in the know, feel free to skip this section)

Meet Forminator, Your Personal Website Quiz, Poll, And Form Extraordinaire

If you’re new around here, Forminator is our own free drag and drop form building plugin for WordPress.

With this intelligent and unassuming superhero by your side you can liven up your site with a plethora of interactive quizzes, polls, and forms.

But here’s the kicker…

Even Though Forminator Is A Free Plugin, It Performs Like It’s Premium!

When it was first released, Forminator changed everything by becoming the first completely free, premium form plugin for WordPress.

So even though he costs you nothing, don’t be surprised to see Forminator going “feature for feature” with the top premium WordPress form plugins out there.

It’s also why we have no issue declaring that Forminator is by far the best freely available form plugin for WordPress.

Because when it comes to constantly innovating and bringing you new and exciting plugin features – Forminator keeps up with the best of the best.

Speaking of new features… let’s get into today’s one.

Just in case you missed it in the title of this article…

Forminator Now Allows You To Easily Import All Your Existing CF7 Site Forms!

Something we figured out early on is that it’s not enough to create a vastly superior plugin.

And it takes more than a host of great features for someone to easily switch from something they already know.

This is especially true in the case of website form plugins.

I mean, who wants to completely re-do all of the forms they’ve already painstakingly set up on their website???

Especially if they’re extensive and you have a number of them.

We Knew We Had To Make It Simpler For Users To Migrate From Contact Form 7 To Forminator

This way they could also have easier access to premium form making features without having to fork out the big bucks, or install 50 other add-ons to get the functionality they desired.

And since you’re reading this article, I can confirm we’ve achieved our mission, so without further ado…

Here’s How Forminator’s New Contact Form 7 Importer Works



This article was written by Rick Crawshaw and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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