WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Plugin: Why Is It Worth to Monetize Your Website?

WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Plugin: Why Is It Worth to Monetize Your Website?

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After starting a WordPress blog or website, many people are curious about finding ways to find ways to pay the costs, and if possible, create a new source of constant revenue.

There are many opportunities out there. You may know how to develop a WordPress theme or plugin and sell it on your website with an ecommerce plugin such as WooCommerce. Or you can use your skills to engage new prospects, potential clients and expand your network, as we’ll see in this article.

One of the most interesting ways to generate consistent revenue from your WordPress website is by creating a memberships site. Several good plugins can handle all the aspects of setting up membership websites, allowing you to protect content behind level-wise membership “gates”, offering different discounts for each membership level.

Reasons to Start a Membership Site

There are many reasons why you want a membership site. Maybe you’re producing online courses and want to sell them only to specific membership levels – or want to offer subscriptions to students via memberships – or maybe you’re selling coaching courses for specific niches in which you’re already considered an authority.

Engage Niche Audience

An effective way to create income is engaging a niche audience by posting relevant content, teaching tricks and tips that may influence audience members to buy a course or the product you are pitching.

Prospect New Clients

If you are posting relevant content on your website and people trust you, it’s easier to onboard new clients and keep them coming back when the membership system is up and running.

Expanding Your Network

As a result of continued efforts, you will become a leader in your niche and visitors will start recognizing your status and as a result, will be more receptive to your marketing messages.

paid memberships pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a highly rated solution for generating revenue through a memberships site model. The core plugin is free (released under GPLv2. While the WordPress repository version includes several key add-ons, others may require a paid license.

You can build a fully working business by just using the free core plugin and add-ons. Then, as your business site and income grow, you can upgrade to an annual license depending on the type of your website, number of websites or agencies.

Installing the Plugin

As you usually do for a WordPress



This article was written by Fabio Fava and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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