How To Improve Landing Page Performance for WordPress

How To Improve Landing Page Performance for WordPress

Building a landing page for a WordPress website has never been easier. Diversity of available tools, widgets, and plugins let you create a unique landing page that helps to attract potential customers’ attention.

However, to build a landing page with WordPress that performs well, you need more than just a visually appealing presentation. You should also pay attention to all other ways in which you can improve user experience, and have in mind all factors that motivate them to convert.

To help you ensure that your landing page performance is at the highest level, we plan to show you how to optimize the most critical aspects of a landing page. Also, you will come across the five essential strategies that help you convert your WordPress website visitors faster.

Strategy 1: Track Landing Page Metrics

To be able to realize how you can improve your landing page, you have to be aware of its actual performance. So, get to know what your landing page lacks and what type of changes does it needs. But for that, you have to keep track of its essential metrics consistently. These are:

  • Traffic Source – which indicates how people find your site (direct, referral, search, or paid campaigns);
  • Bounce Rate – which helps you see the percentage of visitors that leave your website after viewing a single page;
  • Page Visits – which refers to the number of page views a visitor makes when visiting your website;
  • Session Duration – shows you how much time visitors spend on your website within a single visit;
  • Conversion Rate – shows the percentage of your website visitors that perform the action you want them to perform (buy a product, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.)

Suitable Plugin To Track Landing Page Metrics: Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dashboard

Representing one of the most attractive (yet free) tools for tracking website performance, Google Analytics offers a diversity of useful options. While you don’t have to use all of them, there are some essential features that you should pay attention to if you want to improve user experience as well as landing page performance on your WordPress website. These are:

  • Traffic monitoring, provides you with valuable reports. These reports show the number of people visiting your website at different intervals and track trends in their visits’ dynamics. Besides, if your visitors come from other websites, you can quickly check where they come from, thanks to its possibility of tracking the referral traffic.
  • Conversion tracking, which helps you monitor different aspects of conversions, including the timing, source, and many other valuable data. All you have to do to be able to monitor conversions this way



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