Introducing Webmail: Easy, Secure, and AdFree Business Email for Your Clients 💌

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We’re thrilled to unveil one of our most highly-requested features: Webmail, a professional business email service tailored for agencies and resellers that seamlessly integrates with WPMU DEV’s all-in-one WordPress management platform.

“IMAP is crucial to how we work”

MatthewWPMU DEV Member

More and more members have been telling us that they need:

  • A solution that doesn’t solely depend on third-party email clients such as Gmail.
  • The ability to synchronize, administer, and access email across various devices using IMAP.
  • User-friendly business email for their clients with a quick and easy setup.
  • An alternative to managing their own email server and dealing with all the intricacies and expenses involved.

When our members speak, we listen!

We’re happy to announce that we have met these requirements and we’re excited to finally deliver Webmail, the IMAP-based email hosting solution our members have asked for … all easily managed from your Hub!

Now you can finally give your clients professional business email without relying on the limitations of POP3 email, third-party platforms, or complex and costly workarounds.

Read on to learn all about Webmail:

Standalone Email That Truly Stands Out

Being IMAP-based means our Webmail provides greater flexibility in email account creation.

Each email account boasts an impressive array of features:

  • 5GB of storage for every inbox.
  • Complimentary 10 email forwarding and 10 email aliases.
  • Robust spam and virus protection (including smart filtering, single sign-on, password protection, and 2FA).
  • Use of your own domain.
  • Modern & user-friendly email client with intuitive and feature-rich mailbox.
  • Fast and easy IMAP configuration with all popular mail clients and WordPress SMTP plugins.
  • Mobile-friendly, secure, ad-free webmail.
  • One-click webmail login.
  • Vacation autoresponder, professional signature, calendar integration, contact management, and more.
  • Support for maximum file attachment size of 27MB.
  • Unlimited mobile devices and IMAP connections.
  • Auto-sync across all devices.

And that’s just for starters!

Create & Manage Client Email Accounts From The Hub

With The Hub, you can easily set up and manage everything for multiple clients from once central location: their sites, hosting, domains, plugins…and email accounts!

Creating email accounts with Webmail is as easy as 1-2-3…

Click on Webmail in the Hub…

Manage all email accounts from one central location with The Hub.

Click the “+ Create New Email” button to create an email account from a domain managed in The Hub or hosted elsewhere…

Webmail screen with no email accounts set up yet!Click the button to create a new email account.

Just follow the prompts and your email account will be all set up and ready to go in no time.

Webmail account setupYour new email account is good to go!

Here you can also manage your webmail email forwarders…

Webmail email forwarders.Easily add and delete email forwarders with Webmail.

And email aliases…

Webmail email aliases.Create up to 10 email aliases per email account.

For a more detailed tutorial on creating and managing email accounts with Webmail, see our guide on how to use webmail.