Learn How to Stay Focused at Work With “Deep Work” Methods

Learn How to Stay Focused at Work With "Deep Work" Methods

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to stay focused at work rather than think about your uncle’s birthday? Or whatever happened to that kid from Home Alone? Or is that just me?

Sure, your distracting thoughts might be more interesting than mine, but I bet they’re still an intrusion you can do without. Do you know what could help? Using some deep work methods in your daily grind.

But what is it deep work you say?

Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.Cal Newport, ‘Deep Work’

Simply put: deep work makes you better. And, as remote work grows in popularity and the talent pool deepens, who doesn’t need a competitive edge?

But, it is not a plug-n-play tool for increasing your focus, generating more value and stopping robots from taking your job. I mean, you can achieve all of these things using deep work, but it will take a little hard work.

For example, my first attempt at deep work was a failure. It was barely a week before I quit. ?‍♂️

On my second go, it was only two weeks before I noticed something life-changing was happening. It was different because I started with smaller changes and then added more – larger – changes.

For that reason, this article is built around the best actionable tips from deep work that are meant to help you figure out how to stay focused at work. If you start from the top, you will find the building blocks that make deep work work for you. Or you can pull out any one of the tips to improve your focus during the workday.

Let’s zero in:

1. Stop multitasking and organize your day with a deep work philosophy

Multitasking is a killer for your focus. Every time you switch tasks you put pressure on your brain’s executive functions to switch attention and realign goals for each task, which makes big withdrawals from the cognitive energy you have banked up. Working on a single task at a time means you will be able to give it more focused attention. The rewards will be greater, mistakes will be fewer and more will get done.

Newport has four different deep work philosophies which can help you find the perfect daily structure according to your work schedule.

The philosophy
What is it?
Minimum unit of time
Is it for you?

Eliminate all shallow efforts and focus on one task that brings tremendous value.
Until the task is complete.
Are you able to remove yourself from your environment for an extended period of time?

Divide your time between shallow and deep tasks. Find deep and uninterrupted periods of concentration.
One day.
Do you need shallow tasks to be successful?

Deep work is a habit and



This article was written by Chris Fitzgerald and originally published on CodeinWP.

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