Magento 2 Shipping Suite by Aitoc: A Flexible, UserFriendly Extension for Ecommerce Stores

Magento 2 Shipping Suite by Aitoc: A Flexible, User-Friendly Extension for Ecommerce Stores

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Online shopping is becoming incredibly popular nowadays. One of the related headaches for e-commerce merchants is providing the best shopping experience at the lowest cost.

They can put in long hours of effort into satisfying their clients: tweak a store, add great pictures, highlight the importance of email marketing – all to make customers happy. When it comes to shipping, it seems store owners sometimes ignore the power of proper delivery, or they simply don’t know about it. Optimizing the e-commerce shipping strategy is the essential step merchants should take to grow their online business.

Successful business persons care about strategic shipping options to differentiate themselves from their competitors and get better outcomes. If you also want your business to grow and strive to attract more shoppers, you must apply faster, cheaper and effective shipping solutions to meet all customer expectations. In this post, I will  share everything you need to know to make your shipping strategy appropriate for your business.

What is Ecommerce Shipping?

Ecommerce shipping includes all processes and services that are required to transport products purchased online from a merchant to a particular delivery destination. 

Why Should You Care About Ecommerce Shipping?

The customers’ experience will always impact sales and reputation. You may control most aspects of your customer’s experience, however, if a package arrives in bad shape or late, you might not get a second chance to make a good impression. 

To perform better, you’ll need to do business with someone reliable, but shipping costs can severely impact your bottom line with the time and money that they incur. Most of the studies have demonstrated that negative shipping experiences have forced more than 40% of online shoppers to never purchase from the same store again. 

How to avoid the negativity and do not lose your clients? Ecommerce shipping best practices come to rescue!

How to Make Ecommerce Shipping Better?

Here are some of the most important points that you should consider to make your ecommerce shipping experience better and easier.

1. Hire the Right Team

It may seem cheesy but having a good team becomes a real competency attribute for many companies. Enhancing a successful shipping experience also requires recruiting the best people. 

This team should include experts who will handle the marketing of shipping and develop strategies to inform online shoppers about all the shipping promotions. These experts are usually responsible not only for attracting the audience onto ecommerce stores but also for ensuring the orders are being appropriately packaged and shipped to the right person at the right time.

2. Set Clear Goals

After building the best team, you should define what you strive to accomplish with your shipping strategy. 

It is worth paying attention to increasing conversions and average order value, expanding specific target audience or market, decreasing costs, improving operational efficiency, and so on.

3. Choose a Shipping Strategy

Once you have defined the team and business goals, it’s time to think about choosing a shipping strategy and consider all of its aspects. You must  understand the key elements of the shipping industry and select appropriate tools. Modern extensions and modules for the ecommerce industry can lead  any company to become competitive. 

Such powerful solutions as Shipping Suite for Magento 2 empower merchants to create and manage various custom shipping methods, providing customers with the unique, flexible shipping options to deliver items faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than their rivals.

5 Benefits that Shipping Suite Extension Provides

Let’s quickly look into the 5 amazing benefits that Shipping Suite Extension provides to the online merchants:

  • Generate multiple custom shipping methods and carriers
  • Set shipping rates considering different  factors
  • Deliver goods considering various shipping zones and locations
  • Apply flexible conditions to configure shipping rules and restrictions
  • Limit shipping methods with conditional shipping restrictions

No matter how big your online store is — the extension covers all the needs related to shipping you may have. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to improve the overall delivery strategy of your store to get real business benefits. 

Magento 2 Shipping Suite: 4 Powerful Options to Empower Your Shipping Strategy

There are tons of shipping extensions available over the internet. So, before choosing any shipping extension make sure you got everything that makes your use case strong. 

Generate Custom Shipping Methods and Rates

Before delivering products, you must  determine a pricing strategy for shipping and choose one of the several common methods.

The power of Shipping Suite is that it proposes a feature-rich  set of tools for creating and managing shipping methods in Magento 2 stores. This solution allows modifying any default shipping method or adding a range of custom ones.

Using this functionality of the extension, you can raise the cost of your products (to make shoppers pay the shipping cost indirectly without knowing it), pay delivery costs precisely from your profit margins, balance the price of your goods in the way when shipping cost is covered partially by buyers and you, and get many more benefits. 

aitoc magento2

Key opportunities:

  • Generating shipping methods depending on locations
  • Setting shipping rates per store view and arranging rate priorities
  • Customizing delivering rates based on subtotal, quantity, price, and weight

Manage Shipping Criteria With the Advanced Rules

After creating custom shipping methods, it is time to apply particular delivering rules to the online store. Setting rules and conditions is also an essential requirement  that you must provide your customers with and to make your shipping process beneficial. 

Originally, Magento 2 offers  quite poor possibilities to create rules. That’s why the Shipping Rules for Magento 2 option looks indispensable and allows online stores to generate unlimited shipping rates following custom rules. The rules can vary on different product conditions and shopping cart attributes. 

create shipping rules

Key opportunities:

  • Establishing delivery rules governing the product, order or cart attributes
  • Defining delivery rates for a single product or order
  • Setting shipping options based on store views and customer groups

Boost Your Shipping Strategy Using Delivery Restrictions

Often it’s necessary to add some essential restrictions to your shipping methods to set an efficient cost or to meet legal requirements. 

Default Magento 2 functionality lets set limits only for the whole catalog. This is not a good idea for a business. Magento 2 Shipping Suite facilitates merchants to set different  restrictions to the custom shipping methods or any of the default ones.

Magento 2 Shipping Suite

Key opportunities:

  • Restricting particular methods of carrier shipping based on product, cart and clients’ attributes
  • Limiting delivery by countries and other locations, as well as by payment methods
  • Disabling shipping methods for store views or customer groups

Calculate Shipping Pricing Like a Pro

Surprisingly, many businesses fail just because they do not care enough about doing the math on all of the potential expenses they may incur as a part of order fulfillment. Calculating the shipping costs is a rather straightforward process that can significantly lower the abandoned cart rate. 

The built-in solution that Shipping Suite for Magento 2 offers, helps you make such shipping calculations proficiently. Display a friendly calculator on any store page to inform visitors about the final price of their cart including delivery costs.

Magento 2 Shipping Suite

Key opportunities:

  • Calculating delivery costs before checkout by displaying a handy calculator on a store page
  • Decreasing the abandoned cart rate
  • Using a specific location from the customers’ address book


Setting up the proper e-commerce shipping business requires time and effort. Keep experimenting and fine-tuning your strategy, applying multifunctional solutions such as Shipping Suite for Magento 2 stores. 

You know exactly what performs best for your business. Act accordingly and the powerful extension will assist you to get all things done.

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Magento 2 Shipping Suite by Aitoc: A Flexible, User-Friendly Extension for Ecommerce Stores 1

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