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Mailchimp Signup: How to Create a Mailing List Signup Form - ManageWP

Email is a powerful way to connect with your ideal target audience. However, before you can wow potential future customers with your marketing content, you need to convince them to subscribe to your mailing list.

By adding a Mailchimp signup form to your WordPress website, you can maximize your chances of converting casual, one-time visitors into potential leads for your business. You can also stay connected to customers over the long run to increase repeat sales.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a mailing list signup form using the popular Mailchimp platform. We’ll then explore various ways that you can add it to your WordPress website. Let’s get started!

Why you might want to create an email signup form with Mailchimp

The number of email users in the U.S. is estimated to be almost 255 million. In addition, the Email Usage Study suggests that most people spend more than five hours per day checking their work and personal inboxes. Chances are this includes many potential customers, which makes email a prime channel for connecting with them and driving sales.

You might use this opportunity to sell more to your existing customers as well. For example, you can create targeted advertising campaigns based on factors such as geographical location, or the products shoppers have previously purchased.

Email can also be a great way to secure positive customer reviews. According to Bright Local, 76 percent of consumers will provide testimonials if you ask them to. With email, you have a direct but relatively unobtrusive way to communicate with your subscribers, particularly compared to calling them.

You can even use your subscriber list to improve client communications, particularly while working from home. This might take the form of scheduling regular check-ins, or keeping your customers informed about upcoming sales and events.

However, if you’re going to reap the benefits of email marketing, you need a mailing list. One way to encourage visitors to subscribe is to display a signup form prominently across your website.

There are several popular email platforms that integrate with WordPress, but Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 contacts. It also features drag-and-drop editors that you can use to build engaging campaigns without having to write a single line of code, and has everything you need to create advanced, automated emails.

How to add a Mailchimp signup form to your WordPress website (in 4 steps)

To complete this tutorial, you’ll need a Mailchimp account, so create one if you haven’t already. You can then get to work on building your signup form and adding it to your site by following the steps below.

Step 1: Connect your Mailchimp account to WordPress

You’ll need an API key to connect Mailchimp to your WordPress website. To generate one, log into your Mailchimp account and then select your profile picture in the upper-right corner. Then navigate to Account > Extras > API keys:




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