Meet Chaya Oosterbroek: our new COO at Yoast

Meet Chaya Oosterbroek: our new COO at Yoast • Yoast

Camille Cunningham

Camille is content manager at Yoast. She writes and optimizes blog posts and enjoys creating content that helps people understand and master SEO.

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a lot of new people to our team this year. Including a new board member and co-owner in the company: Chaya Oosterbroek. We’re already big fans of Chaya as our Chief Operations Officer and we think you will be too. So let’s get to know her by asking her some questions about her new role at Yoast, what drives her, and what she thinks the future holds for Yoast.

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Let’s start with explaining what a Chief Operations Officer, or Chief Operating Officer, is. A COO is a senior executive tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of a company. This means that a COO often handles internal affairs and makes sure that the strategy and mission are acted on in the ongoing daily business. This might still feel a bit abstract to you, so let’s go to our questions and let Chaya explain it to you!

Chaya’s story before starting at Yoast

Tell us, what are you like?

You can describe me as an enthusiast, in every way possible. My glass is always half full and I love to laugh. Although I am able to switch to being serious in a heartbeat when the situation asks for it. I also have a wide range of interests and love to look at things from multiple perspectives. You can say I’m quite versatile and able to quickly put things into perspective, which helps me play into every situation that arises.

In my spare time, I play soccer, which I’ve been doing for almost 30 years now. I also love spending time with my family, friends, and especially my girlfriend Sanne. We enjoy traveling around the world and learning about other cultures. She also joined me a few times when I visited India, my country of birth. Which I’ll tell you more about later in the interview.

What did you do before starting at Yoast?

Early on in my life, I realized that going to college or university was not the best fit for me. So I just started working. And one of the managers at my work saw something in me that allowed me to become a team leader in no time. This is where my love for process optimization and team development was able to come out. Learning how people work, how interpersonal processes work, and how you can create and strengthen a great team. Basically, allowing everyone to become their best self, that’s what I thrive on.

In my career, I’ve worked at different companies as a manager or consultant. And I also got the opportunity to be the director of a foundation for young entrepreneurship. This allowed me to meet lots of different people, different cultures, and different processes. And I loved every minute of it. It also allowed me to dive into lots of different fields, such as finance, energy, insurance, and so



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