Monthly Template Kits #11: The Restaurant Website Template Kit

Monthly Template Kits #11: The Restaurant Website Template Kit | Elementor

The template’s homepage creates an atmosphere of serenity, intimacy and sophisticated minimalism — all thanks to its color scheme. We chose a dark color such as black to portray the traditional Japanese color palette of dark colors, as well as white and shades of red. The goal of the overall design is to create the same vibe as customers do when they enter a Japanese restaurant, with understated yet modern furnishings and decor. 

One of the most unique, actionable design elements in the Homepage (and header) is the hamburger menu, and this is actually one of our favorite things about this template. We’ve used a small chopsticks icon to represent the hamburger, which we were able to do by uploading an SVG file. You’ll also notice that when you click on the horizontal chopsticks, the pop up opens up and its exit icon is also a chopsticks illustration, but positioned as an X. The chopsticks imagery is one of numerous usages of the line-like designs throughout the website.

What’s unique about the design scheme used here is that the template’s entire color palette is based on the details of the homepage’s hero image: a deep red-orange slice of raw salmon. This exact shade of red is used for the ‘Reservations’ button and in the Okawari’s logo in the top left corner. 

You’ll also notice that the logo’s red graphic has thin, subtle lines going through it, which is meant to mirror the lines sliced through the piece of salmons in the image. We took this design concept one level further, which you’ll notice throughout the entire website, where we placed red curvy vertical lines going down the page, which also indicate that there is more content once you scroll down below the fold.

On the whole, given that the color scheme we used is built around the red-orange color of the salmon, our finished color palette is an analogous compilation of red-orange, black, white, and an off-white color known as “Spring Wood.” We enjoy the inviting, understated vibe created by this palette, which is a good way to express the restaurant’s hospitality and inviting vibe for people looking for a delicious meal. 

When you choose to insert the homepage template into your website, take note that this template is a ‘Page’, which you download from:

Editor > Open Library popup > Pages tab > scroll the page and find it or search for “Japanese Restaurant”.

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This article was written by Orlee Gillis and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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