NameHero Review (and how to setup LiteSpeed +

NameHero Review (and how to setup LiteSpeed +

LiteSpeed has been buzzing, so I gave NameHero’s Turbo Cloud plan a shot.

I bought 3 years of the Turbo Cloud plan because it uses NVME storage and more RAM than the cheaper plans. I was looking forward to the LiteSpeed Server, NVME, HTTP/3, LiteSpeed Cache, and My current setup is Cloudways Vultr HF, WP Rocket, and Cloudflare.

Of course, I’m not comparing apples to apples since I run on Cloudways but tested NameHero on a fresh Astra Starter Site. I just wanted to get a feel for NameHero’s hosting, LiteSpeed, and CDN, then show you how I set everything up.

For speed, NameHero may not be the fastest (at least out of the box), but once LiteSpeed Cache + were configured, I was able to bring a 697ms TTFB + 2.8s fully loaded time down to 61ms TTFB + 733ms fully loaded time. With the right configuration, NameHero is quite fast.

Secondly, I loved how easy everything was: the NameHero dashboard, cPanel, installing WordPress, free migration, and how all the tools are included with the hosting. No need to purchase WP Rocket, Cloudflare APO, and other paid tools when you’re using LiteSpeed + QUIC. No need to launch a server, connect a domain, and other obstacles like on Cloudways.

Finally, the level of support was phenomenal. As I watched more of Ryan’s videos on YouTube, you can tell he is a genuinely helpful, down to earth guy. This shows through their TrustPilot reviews and support which is based out of the US. All my tickets and live chat conversations were answered/resolved in minutes – with no canned answers. Their support is definitely A+.

With this stack, you’re getting server-leving caching from LiteSpeed (faster than WP Rocket’s file-based caching), dynamic caching through, and true HTTP/3 (unlike Cloudflare). Although I haven’t tested their higher plans, I definitely recommend them for small-mid traffic websites – especially over SiteGround, A2, EIG brands, Hostinger, and other mainstream hosts.


1. When I Would Use NameHero

NameHero is often compared against SiteGround + Cloudways (see these Facebook threads).

If you’ve read my SiteGround review, you know I’m not a fan (i.e. price increases, reduced support, CPU limits, banning people who write negative reviews, etc). They’ll do anything to increase profits, like attempting to limit number of sites on each plan and forcing customers to upgrade. SiteGround isn’t even fast anymore and has a slow TTFB (as reported by Backlinko). I used SiteGround for many years and used to endorse them, but not since they went downhill. So if you’re deciding between SiteGround vs. NameHero, I would definitely choose NameHero.

If you’re choosing between NameHero vs. Cloudways, NameHero has better support and the dashboard + cPanel is easier. Their infrastructure is designed to work together with LiteSpeed + QUIC.



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