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Pre-Launch Checks for New WooCommerce Stores

Launching an eCommerce store is a tedious task. There are so many things that need your attention, and there is very little that guarantees any success.

From product imagery and website copy to store navigation and security certification — building an eCommerce store requires an eye-to-detail, and not to forget, immense effort and patience.

Even if you have built your online store on WooCommerce — a free eCommerce software that makes selling products and services easy — small details can be easily overlooked, and you may miss a crucial aspect if you do not plan it well.

The problem is all information on the pre-launch of an eCommerce site is so scattered that it would take time for anyone to collect, absorb and act on it accordingly.

To ensure you do not leave out the essentials, here is a list of eight checks to make before launching a WooCommerce Store:

1. Review Brand Colors and Imagery

Example: Apple’s Branding

The design of your website defines the layout of your digital store. It convinces your prospects to engage with your products and ensures customer retention. The most effective website designs are functional and straightforward. Here are a few important design considerations:

i. Maintain brand colors consistently

Introduce your brand to your visitors and allow them to connect with it through colors as they help generate brand recall. Use the same set of colors throughout the website, including links and buttons. It makes your store aesthetically pleasing and builds your brand’s online presence.

ii. Use good quality images

Online shopping is different from in-store purchases. Your product images are the only way prospects can see your offerings and make a buying decision. Showcase your products through high-quality photos, shot under appropriate lighting. You can use this guide to create WooCommerce product photos.

Provide detailed images, including views from different angles, keeping intricacies such as color realistic. Optimize all photos to ensure they load quickly across platforms and devices without compromising on quality.

iii. Add a favicon

Please keep them coming back to your website by making it stand out amidst numerous tabs by adding a favicon. It is the icon that appears in the browser address bar and bookmark list. Use one that matches your brand and can be recognized by your audience to get back to your store. You can even add a retina version of your logo using a plugin like WP Retina 2X.

2. Easy Navigation and Site Search

Translate Your Shop & Website to Increase Sales

Once prospects land on your store, your aim should be to ensure they spend a significant amount of time browsing through it. Here is how you can ensure that:

i. Use the homepage wisely




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