ProjectHuddle Review: A Client Feedback Plugin for Small Agencies & WordPress Implementors

ProjectHuddle Review: A Client Feedback Plugin for Small Agencies & WordPress Implementors

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Moving a client project forward rarely goes without a hitch.

No matter how much work you do on the frontend to try to understand what a client is looking for, inevitably, there will be changes necessary to bridge the gap between what you create and the image they have in their heads.

Trying to handle the client feedback process over the phone, in a text document, or in an endless and confusing email chain fails to address the specific nuances around change necessary to complete a website design project.

It’s much more straightforward for both sides if they can use a visual interface to target specific website elements and add comments directly to the design.

A WordPress feedback tool like ProjectHuddle can help to facilitate this process for agencies and their clients.

Who Is Projecthuddle For?

ProjectHuddle was designed for a specific use case — teams that implement WordPress solutions for clients but who may not be developers, themselves.

The interface was designed with a non-technical user in mind. There are limited feedback input options so that users can focus on sharing feedback without getting confused by how to use the tool.

ProjectHuddle does client feedback, really well, and charges accordingly — with plans starting at $109/year.

All that said, if you’re a developer who likes to customize WordPress tools for your specific needs, the team behind ProjectHuddle provides several hooks and a child template system to do just that.

To be sure, ProjectHuddle isn’t the only WordPress feedback tool worth considering.

What makes ProjectHuddle stand out from other similar tools includes:

  • A centralized feedback dashboard. There’s no need to login to separate client sites to view feedback.
  • Offloaded requests to your dashboard site. Using this tool won’t add database or media gallery bloat to a client site so that you can prioritize performance and speed without sacrificing your access to useful feedback.
  • It’s not just for WordPress. Once you install ProjectHuddle on your WordPress dashboard site, you can use it to solicit user feedback for any design on any content management system (CMS) platform: Shopify, Drupal, Wix — you name it.

Though ProjectHuddle isn’t the lowest cost option for sharing feedback regarding one website, it’s currently the most affordable option for sharing feedback on unlimited websites.

ProjectHuddle developed its features and designed pricing specifically with agencies in mind who have multiple clients.

How Do You Set up and Use ProjectHuddle?

In order to use ProjectHuddle, you must first purchase and install the plugin on a WordPress site that you’ll be using as your primary dashboard for client website feedback.




This article was written by Mansoor Ahmed Khan and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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