What are Push Notifications and How to Use them in ?

What are Push Notifications

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The volume of notifications that users receive daily is enormous.
Therefore, it presents a ready opportunity for businesses to interact with
their target segments on an elementary level.

However, there is a method in the madness, and one must know how to
use push notifications wisely.

Milton H Erickson, the
American Psychiatrist as once aptly said, “The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication,
but by the response.

 “Average US smartphone user receives 46 app push notifications per day,
says the push
notifications statistics 2019 by businessofapps.

study of mobile phone alerts indicates that on average mobile phone users get a total
of 63.5 notifications per day

Why People Need These Notifications?

A typical user maintains a considerable number of apps on his or her
smart devices.

Users usually forget how many apps they have on their devices and thus
often miss out on updates and offers.

Notifications thus help the users to get organized.

These services help users prioritize things that should remain at the
top of their agenda.

Fun Fact:

Let’s take a
little peep into history. Many of us don’t know that a company called
RIM (Research in Motion) who brought Blackberry mobile phones and tablets had initially
introduced the notification of the receipt of an email as the first example of

What are Push Notifications?

The clickable or actionable pop-up messages and the promotional
material that you encounter daily on your browser or mobile phone screen are
known as push messages and notifications.

Unlike the in-app notifications that are delivered by mobile apps,
these notifications are automated communication messages delivered by the
websites/apps directly to their users as home screen notifications.

Usually, these notifications contain a URL, a message, and an image
with a title. Nowadays, push services are tailored and customized as per
individual users and the devices they use.

Push notifications provide updates, information, reminders, and much
more. The aim of these services is the engagement of their users with the
respective apps.

These services extending beyond mobile phones and tablets are also
available as web push notifications on laptop and desktop computers.

Users engage in a host of apps in diverse areas such as news, social
networking, banking, gaming, healthcare, fitness, and a lot more. Keeping their
users up-to-date with the changes occurring in their areas of interest is a
prime requirement of many of these apps.

Therefore, push services have become critical in providing



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